As leader of the Green Party of Quebec I have spent years criticizing Quebec environment minister David Heurtel on his catastrophic inaction on climate change, his openness to fracking, his authorization of drilling in a critical habitat of the belugas, his complacency with oil and gas companies and many other important issues. We protested his actions, we marched in the streets to force him to change course yet he continued making one bad decision after another.

Yesterday, I learned that David Heurtel has endorsed Glen Murray in the Green Party of Canada leadership race. Heurtel was even quoted on M. Murray’s campaign announcement press release.

I do not understand how any Green Party Leadership hopeful would accept and promote an endorsement from someone who has done so much to oppose the environmental movement.

The Green Party of Canada should be a real environmentalist party. We should not become a branch of the liberal party. We should not give credibility to people who have been in positions of power only to continue the status quo pro growth neo-liberal agenda.


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