In the context of an international movement against racism and police brutality towards racialized people, in addition to a large citizen mobilization throughout Quebec for a change in policing, the Green Party of Quebec believes it is important to engage and update our political program with new proposals concerning the management of police forces in Quebec.

For these reasons, we invite you to a debate among allies on a proposal to reform our police system. On Tuesday, June 23rd at 7pm via the Zoom platform we want to hear from you and hear your opinions and ideas on the police reform that the Green Party of Quebec is proposing. You can also send us your opinion in writing.

Join the meeting on Tuesday at 19:00:

The proposal is to reduce the funding of Quebec’s police forces by 75% and to delegate a large part of their functions to non-police intervention groups specializing in various fields while investing in community groups, prevention, the fight against poverty and mental health services. This proposal aims to reduce police violence and the escalation of tense situations in interventions related to mental health, addiction and domestic violence crises.

The idea would be to replace police officers with social intervention emergency workers, peace officers, drug and alcohol security officers, road safety officers and an investigative agency that would be separate from the police force. Police units will be maintained only to respond to active violent crimes and to apprehend individuals who pose a significant risk to public safety.

In some cases, police officers will be used to accompany the various intervention units in high-risk situations but will remain in the background unless their intervention has been requested by the specialized units.

The following is an overview of the various proposals for specialized intervention units:

Emergency Social Intervention Workers
Who will be responsible for responding to mental health calls and unarmed confrontations, domestic disputes, in addition to dealing with homelessness situations.

Peace officers:
With primary roles of protecting those at risk, enforcing court orders, arrest warrants and search warrants.
Responding to calls where police presence would constitute an escalation. They will also have the role of responding to unfamiliar emergency calls and conducting non-violent crowd control.

Drug and alcohol security officers in the context of legalized drugs
The role of these officers will be to enforce drinking and driving laws through checkpoints, and also to strengthen alcohol, tobacco and drug regulations. Encouraging and assisting people to take addiction therapies

Road safety officers
Who will be responsible for patrolling the streets, directing traffic, enforcing traffic rules and investigating traffic accidents.

An investigative unit
Who will be dedicated to investigative and detective work concerning violent crimes, property theft, fraud, sexual offences etc.

The Police
Responding to Violent Crime
Apprehending Violent Criminals

Given the importance of the subject, we are counting on your participation at this debate meeting to update the Green Party of Quebec’s policy on police force management.

For those who are not available for the Zoom meeting, you can always send your comments or proposals in writing. Hoping to see you in large numbers, we wish you an excellent week.

In solidarity

Halimatou Bah
Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

Dans le contexte d'un mouvement international contre le racisme et la brutalité policière envers les personnes racisées,…

Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, June 22, 2020


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