The Green Party of Quebec supports the cause of the houseless people of “Camping Notre Dame”.

Last Friday, we went to the site of “Camping Notre Dame”, a tent village that was erected by houseless people who feared the unsanitary conditions of the emergency shelters during the confinement. We visited the camp to better understand the reality of the houseless population and to provide political support to the people living on site who are demanding massive investments in affordable housing, better living conditions and human dignity.

On site, we met with the de facto “mayor” of the place, whose name is Jacques. At age 69, he was among the first people to set up his tent in the park that stretches along Notre Dame Boulevard east of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. He explained to us that emergency shelters are poorly adapted to the needs of the houseless population and that they have a better quality of life in their tents on the edge of a busy boulevard.

Although it is possible to find a bed in a gym full of people for one night, not having a closed room makes it difficult to sleep. People have to be back on the street at 7:00 a.m. carrying all their personal belongings, which deprives them of real housing. There are also problems with bed bugs and a lack of privacy .

Valérie Plante’s solution, which consists of opening emergency sites to rehouse these people, is unfortunately not a long-term solution to the problem of access to housing that they are facing.

To have healthy, safe and adequate housing is, in our opinion, a fundamental human right and not a luxury. This is why the Green Party of Quebec is demanding massive investments in affordable housing, in the social reintegration of houseless people and better social solidarity! We also support a permanent guaranteed minimum income and the construction of a greater number of social housing units that are more accessible to the houseless.

In solidarity,

Jeanne-Céline Ngalle Miano, Housing Critic for the Green Party of Quebec

Alex Tyrrell, Leader of the Green Party of Quebec


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