Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Alex Tyrrell Calls For Protection of Wetlands

Across Quebec, real estate developers are destroying wetlands at an incredible rate. In 21 years of development, 19% of the wetlands in the St. Lawrence Lowlands have been destroyed, mostly with the approval of the Quebec government. Last month, I visited a wetland located in the city of Longueuil where lives a species of small frogs that is threatened with extinction due to real estate projects. According to the local environmental group Ciel et terre, […]

Alex Tyrrell Wins New Mandate As Leader of Quebec Green Party

Last night was the close of voting in the Green Party of Quebec’s confidence vote in my leadership. The members of our party have entrusted me with a new leadership mandate which I accept with great pride, humility and enthusiasm. Thank you for your support! Over past few weeks, I have had the chance to talk with hundreds of Green Party of Quebec members from all over the province, who have shared with me the […]

Alex Tyrrell Reveals Key Endorsements Ahead of Leadership Vote

Dear Green Party Members, For the past few weeks, I have been campaigning for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec. As this campaign enters its final stage, if you are a member, you will receive a ballot by email today. During this campaign, I have had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of party members from all regions, generations and all spheres of society. It has been a pleasure to […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Montreal’s Egyptian Community for Universal Human Rights

On Tuesday, I spoke at a demonstration outside Prime Minister Trudeau’s office in Montreal in solidarity with members of the Egyptian community who condemn police brutality, political oppression, the disappearance of activists and the execution of 18 political prisoners in the previous 24 hours. In my speech, I stated that we must uphold human and political rights around the world, that the death penalty must be abolished and that I will always defend universal human […]

GPQ Congratulates Halimatou Bah on Documentary Film Appearance

Congratulations to Halimatou Bah, deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec for her appearance in the F Institute’s documentary Pluri’Elles. This documentary focuses on the journey of six Muslim women committed and involved in Quebec society. I am happy and very proud to be able to count on Halimatou Bah among the senior leaders of the Green Party of Quebec! “Halimatou Bah did not intend to remain idle in the face of the injustices […]

The Toronto Star covers Alex Tyrrell’s visit to Kanesatake

Great coverage in the Toronto Star during my recent visit to Kanesatake this week where I had the opportunity to meet Ellen Gabriel, Al Harrington and Teiawenniserate Tomlinson. Here is the link to read the article:  

Green Party of Quebec Opposes Nomination of Former Police Officer as Minister of Indigenous Affairs

This controversial nomination comes just days after the courts handed down an injunction allowing a hunter’s association to dismantle indigenous check points in the La Verendray wildlife reserve set up to enforce a moratorium on non-indigenous moose hunting on their territory. Green Party of Quebec Leader Alex Tyrrell declared, « I was in shock to hear that Francois Legault would appoint Ian Laferniere as minister of indigenous affairs. This individual plaid a critical role justifying […]

Alex Tyrrell supports the Mohawk community in their ancestral land claims

This week I visited the Kanehsatà:ke Pines where I met with members of the Long House, activists and land advocates Ellen Gabriel, Al Harrington and Teiawenniserate Tomlinson. Together we visited a section of their territory known as Pines which is threatened by a private developer who is building houses closer and closer to the forest. While this encroachment on indigenous lands has led to several tensions and demonstrations, there has been very little open dialogue […]

Dr. Catherine Richardson supports Alex Tyrrell in the Green Party of Quebec leadership race.

Thank you to Dr. Catherine Richardson, Director of the First Peoples Studies Program at Concordia University for her support in this campaign for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec.    

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Annamie Paul as New Leader of the Green Party of Canada

Congratulations to Annamie Paul! After a long and trying leadership race, the members of the Green Party of Canada have spoken out; Annamie Paul will be the leader who will lead the Greens in the next federal election! The election of Annamie Paul is a historic moment for Canada. She is both the first black person and the first Jewish woman to lead a federal political party in Canada. For this, she has my deepest […]

The Green Party of Quebec congratulates Dimitri Lascaris on his second place in the Green Party of Canada leadership race

Congratulations to Dimitri Lascaris for his impressive second place in the Green Party of Canada leadership race! Thank you to Dimitri for his commitment to ecosocialism, peace and the environment.

Alex Tyrrell Supports Anishinabe Communities for a Five Year Moratorium on Moose Hunting

At the beginning of the week, I went to the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve, where Aboriginal communities have set up checkpoints in preparation for a five-year moratorium on non-aboriginal moose hunting. Despite the fact that data from the Ministry of Wildlife shows a significant decrease in the moose population on the reserve, the provincial government continues to issue sport hunting permits on Aboriginal lands without the consent of the communities. In this video, I speak […]

Alex Tyrrell Denounces Systemic Racism in Quebec’s Health System

Today, I listened to the video of the last moments of Joyce Echaquan, an Aboriginal woman who was killed by our health care system. Racism kills. We have known for a long time that systemic racism exists not only in our health care system, but also across Canada. We know that this racism can deprive Aboriginal people of the health care that their lives depend on. What has happened is far from an isolated case. […]

The Green Party of Quebec supports the demands of “Camping Notre Dame”

The Green Party of Quebec supports the cause of the houseless people of “Camping Notre Dame”. Last Friday, we went to the site of “Camping Notre Dame”, a tent village that was erected by houseless people who feared the unsanitary conditions of the emergency shelters during the confinement. We visited the camp to better understand the reality of the houseless population and to provide political support to the people living on site who are demanding […]

Alex Tyrrell asks Minister Pierre Dufour to listen to recommendations from Aboriginal communities

Today, I wrote a letter to Pierre Dufour, Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, asking him to accept the requests of the Anishinabe communities of Mitchikanibikok (Lac Barrière) and Kitigan Zibi for a five-year moratorium on non-native moose hunting in the so-called La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. In this letter, I invite the Minister to, among other things, respect Aboriginal rights, seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict and ensure the protection of lands, ecosystems and […]

Alex Tyrrell supports the Indigenous at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve

I am back home after spending two days and one night on the front lines of the Anishnabe land defenders camps in what the government calls the La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve. The Anaisnabe communities of Mitchikanibikok (Lac Barrière) and Kitigan Zibi are calling for a five-year moratorium on moose hunting on their territory. Despite their repeaded calls, the Quebec government continues to issue hundreds of moose hunting permits to non-indigenous sport hunters. They are doing […]

Alex Tyrrell on Bill 66: Legault must make the necessary assessments to reduce environmental impacts.

Today, the Legault government introduced Bill 66, which it believes will stimulate the economy in response to the current health crisis. While I can understand the government’s desire to accelerate certain projects, including public transit, they have chosen to do so by reducing environmental impact assessments. Under the proposed legislation, companies will be able to start working on their projects even before they have completed an environmental assessment. From experience, I know how difficult it […]

Alex Tyrrell supports Dimitri Lascaris in the Green Party of Canada leadership race.

I fully support Dimitri Lascaris because I believe he has what it takes to unite the party around bold policies and has a clear vision for the future of Canada and the Green Party of Canada. Dimitri has a strong background in social engagement through his activism, political involvement, legal work and journalistic work. He is a strong advocate for the environment, social justice, human rights and the Canadian left. He is principled, articulate, well-informed […]

Lisa Mintz, former Green Party of Canada candidate, supports Alex Tyrrell in his race for the leadership of the Green Party of Quebec.

Thank you for your support, Lisa Mintz! Let’s continue to work together for a better environment for all. In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell, Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

The Green Party of Quebec is against the destruction of our lakes! Sign the petition!

Across Quebec, mining companies are asking for permission to drain and destroy lakes. Sign the Green Party of Quebec’s petition to say NO to the destruction of our lakes!

COVID-19: Alex Tyrrell deplores better conditions for Quebec nurses

The Green Party of Quebec implored the Legault government to enhance the nursing profession by offering better working conditions. Today, Quebec announced the highest number of new cases of COVID-19 since May. We are at the very beginning of a second wave that will most likely be worse than the first. Despite the predictability of the situation, the Legault government and the new Minister of Health have been slow to correct major problems in the […]

Alex Tyrrell celebrates seven years of leadership within the Green Party of Quebec!

– Seven years of leadership! – It has been seven years since I was elected as leader of the Green Party of Quebec! I would like to thank all those who have supported me throughout this very interesting, stimulating and dynamic journey. In this period, we have anchored the Green Party of Quebec on the left side of the Quebec political scene, we have established an undeniable credibility on issues related to the environment and […]

Alex Tyrrell thanks Lisa Mintz for her support of his Green Party of Quebec leadership race.

I am very pleased to announce that Lisa Mintz, an environmental activist and former Green Party of Canada candidate, has given me strong support for my campaign for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec ! Lisa has been fighting for the protection of green spaces on the island of Montreal for several years. She is an articulate and dedicated ecologist and I had the pleasure of working with her on […]

COVID-19: Alex Tyrrell deplores better conditions for Quebec nurses

The Green Party of Quebec implored the Legault government to enhance the nursing profession by offering better working conditions. Today, Quebec announced the highest number of new cases of VIDOC since May. We are at the very beginning of a second wave that will most likely be worse than the first. Despite the predictability of the situation, the Legault government and the new Minister of Health have been slow to correct major problems in the […]

The Green Party of Quebec launches regional associations in Montreal and Quebec City!

This weekend, members of the Green Party of Quebec in Montreal and Quebec City held general assemblies for the formation and renewal of two regional associations regrouping their members! Both regions will now have a strong team of dedicated members who will participate in defining local priorities, organizing events for members and preparing for the 2022 elections by identifying potential candidates and building relationships with local environmental and social justice groups. The Montreal Association has […]

Departure of Alice Sécheresse, deputy leader of the Green Party of Quebec

For more than two years, I have had the pleasure of working with Alice Sécheresse at the Green Party of Quebec where she has worked as a volunteer, employee, candidate, women’s critic and deputy leader. Alice is a bright young woman, determined and passionate about the environment and social justice. Today, she is leaving her position as Deputy Leader to pursue her studies in Scotland, but maintains her role as spokesperson on the status of […]

Alex Tyrrell opposes the destruction of lakes in the country

ast week, the leader of the Green Party of Quebec went to the border between Quebec and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador to see possible environmental damage from a mining company, a project that would destroy eight lakes and 160 water currents. Last week I travelled to the Quebec-Labrador border where a mining company is proposing to destroy 8 lakes and 160 streams in order to store mining waste. Sign the petition to […]

Green Party Re-election campaign in New Brunswick: Good Luck to David Coon, Kevin Arseneau and Megan Mitton

Today is Election Day in New Brunswick and I would like to wish David Coon, Kevin Arseneau and Megan Mitton the best of luck in their re-election campaign and to all the Green Party of New Brunswick candidates in this election! Here is a picture of Kevin and I taken in Prince Edward Island during the 2019 provincial election. Kevin is the only francophone Green Party deputy across the country. Good luck to all! The […]

Congratulations to the three new Green Party deputies in New Brunswick!

3 Green MLAs elected in New Brunswick! Tonight the Green Party of New Brunswick re-elected their three deputies – David Coon, Kevin Arsenault and Meghan Mitton! In addition, the Greens are in second place in several ridings. All three re-elected deputies have increased their share of the vote! Leader David Coon addressed his supporters in the capital city of Fredericton where he was elected for a third term! He is committed to fighting for francophone […]

Alex Tyrrell is running for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec.

Watch Alex Tyrrell’s announcement that he is running for a new term as leader of the Green Party of Quebec. Je me présente pour un nouveau mandat à la chefferie du Parti Vert du Québec! ✊Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, September 11, 2020

Alex Tyrrell thanks all of his supporters for their support for a new term as Green Party of Quebec Leader

Thank you ❤️ to all those who have contacted me to offer your support in my campaign for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec!

Blog: Alex Tyrrell Comments on First Green Party Leadership Debates

This week Green Party of Canada leadership candidates held their first televised debate on TVO moderated by Steve Paikin. The 10 candidates debated a handfull of issues in a fairly cordial debate. It is safe to say that there was more agreement than disagreement but nevertheless there are substantial differences in both the policy and communications approaches of the candidates. Here are my thoughts on this first series of debates.  Addressing the ideological spectrum  All […]

Green Party of Quebec To Consult Membership on Defunding The Police

In the context of an international movement against racism and police brutality towards racialized people, in addition to a large citizen mobilization throughout Quebec for a change in policing, the Green Party of Quebec believes it is important to engage and update our political program with new proposals concerning the management of police forces in Quebec. For these reasons, we invite you to a debate among allies on a proposal to reform our police system. […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Black Lives Matter Protests

– Let’s work together to fight racism in Quebec ✊ – At a time when the whole world is mourning the murder of African-American George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, many of us are asking ourselves what we can do to fight racism and police brutality here in Quebec? For several years now, the Green Party of Quebec has been at the forefront of the anti-racism movement and the anti-police brutality movements. We […]

Alex Tyrrell Withdraws From Green Party of Canada Leadership Race

Today I am announcing my withdrawal from the Green Party of Canada leadership race. It’s a heartbreaking decision that I have come to after deep reflection and after consulting with my team. Announcing my withdrawal from the Green Party of Canada leadership race – Thank you for your support! The struggle continues ✊Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, June 3, 2020 Although many Green Party members are eager to renew the party by moving beyond […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Dominique Anglade on Accession to Quebec Liberal Leadership

Today Dominique Anglade became leader of the Quebec Liberal Party after challenger Alexandre Cusson dropped out citing the difficulties of running a leadership campaign during the pandemic. Dominique Anglade is the first woman to run for the leadership of the Quebec Liberals in their 150 years of existence. She is also the first black woman to lead the official opposition. I would like to sincerely congratulate Ms. Anglade on her historic victory and I look […]

Alex Tyrrell: “Green Party MPs Should Support Assault Weapons Ban”

Earlier this week the Trudeau government delivered one of their 2019 campaign promesses to ban assault weapons from Canada. As as survivor of the 2006 Dawson College shooting I know first hand what kind of damage can be inflected when guns are not properly controlled. Starting today, the gun used at Dawson College, the Baretta CX4 Storm will now be “prohibited” rather than simply “restricted” as will some of the guns used in the recent […]

Former Quebec Environment Minister Endorses Green Party Leadership Candidate

As leader of the Green Party of Quebec I have spent years criticizing Quebec environment minister David Heurtel on his catastrophic inaction on climate change, his openness to fracking, his authorization of drilling in a critical habitat of the belugas, his complacency with oil and gas companies and many other important issues. We protested his actions, we marched in the streets to force him to change course yet he continued making one bad decision after […]

Alex Tyrrell: Michael Moore’s “Planet of the Humans” Rocks Environmental Movement

Last night I sat down to watch Michael Moore’s latest documentary. I watched it after reading and hearing about blistering criticism-taking aim at the facts, the message and… the people behind the film. While there are some out-of-date and exaggerated claims in the film, particularly with respect to some forms of green energy, the film does make many valid points and has created a shockwave across the environmental movement. The film calls into question the […]

Alex Tyrrell Sits Down For Feature Interview With Victoria Galea

Check out this great feature interview I gave to Victoria Galea while on the Ontario leg of my Green New Deal Tour. We discussed my campaign for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada, my vision for the future of the party and the Green New Deal. Alex Tyrrell Feature Campaign Interview With Victoria GaleaCheck out this great feature interview I gave to Victoria Galea while on the Ontario leg of my Green New Deal Tour. […]

Alex Tyrrell: “Social Distancing is Working, Many Criticisms Are Unfounded. Here is Why.”

After weeks of confinement in response to the COVID19 pandemic people are understandably getting tired of staying home, being kept from their jobs and prevented from seeing friends and family. Many people are asking if these measures are necessary, if Canada’s response has been exaggerated and an increasing number of individuals are sharing conspiracy theories. People ask why we are doing this and why we should continue social distancing if our hospitals are still functioning […]

COVID19: 5 of 6 Green Party Leadership Candidates Call on Party to Cut Entrance Fee

Alex Tyrrell as well as nearly all of the Green Party of Canada candidates signed issued the following statement today calling on the Green Party to drop the $40k leadership race entrance fee and to postpone procedural deadlines.  We, the undersigned candidates for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada (GPC), are announcing the suspension of all active fundraising. Canadians are confronting an unprecedented public health crisis. Millions of Canadians will be impacted financially. […]

Alex Tyrrell Addresses Coronavirus, Calls On Youth To Take Action

As leader of the Green Party of Quebec I would like to encourage everyone to follow the directions laid out by public health authorities and governments and to explain why they are important. While my job is usually to criticize the government, in this case I fully support the actions taken by the Legault and Trudeau governments and urge them to do even more. The Coronavirus is serious and the consequences should not be underestimated. […]

Alex Tyrrell Suspends Green New Deal Tour – COVID-19

In order to protect public health and the most venerable I have decided to suspend my canada wide Green New Deal tour in order to follow the recommendations established by the public health experts. I will resume the tour when conditions improve and the situation permits. In the mean time I will continue to campaign on social media at to press forward on explaining my vision for the future of the country and of the […]

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns For Green Party Leadership in Ontario

Thank you so much to all the North Bay Greens who came out to hear about my candidacy and the Green New Deal tonight! ♥️ Tomorrow I’m off to Sudbury Ontario to speak to high school students and Green Party members! ✊ Thank you so much to all the North Bay Greens who came out to hear about my candidacy and the Green New Deal tonight!…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, February 23, 2020 Victory on Teck Frontier!! […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Rail Blockades

On Sunday Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell visited the protest camp at the site of the Kahnawake rail blockade to show his support for the blockade before issuing the following statement. The Green Party of Quebec fully supports the Kahnawake rail blockade as well as the many other blockades taking place across the country in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en heredetary chiefs. What is hapening on Wet’suwet’en territory is a disgrace to Canada. It’s […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches Canada Wide Green New Deal Tour

Alex Tyrrell, the front runner in the 2020 Green Party of Canada leadership race and current leader of the Green Party of Quebec is hitting the road on a Canada wide Green New Deal tour beginning on February 22. He plans to visit all major Canadian cities over the next three moths. On this tour he will make the case for his federal leadership bid and explain his platform; the Green New Deal. Events will […]

Alex Tyrrell Presses Forward With Leadership Campaign Despite $50k Entrance Fee

Tomorrow at noon I will be making an important announcement regarding the future of my leadership campaign in light of the astronomically high, classist $50k entrance fee that the party establishment has imposed. I will make this announcement in front of the Montreal stock exchange, in Square Victoria which was the site of the Occupy Movement protests and encampment. Big money and politics don’t mix. The Green Party of Canada and by extension our democratic […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Local Fight Against High Tension Lines

I was on MATV City Life last night discussing the citizen movement in DDO to stop the construction of a second set of high tension lines in a residential neighbourhood. I have been working with local residents for several years. Residents, municipalities and First Nations should have the power to say no to projects which are not in their best interests. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec I was on MATV City […]

Alex Tyrrell Stands in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en

About 100 Indigenous people and activist groups gathered in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police station of Montreal last Sunday to show support to the anti-pipeline presence in Wet’suwet’en territory. Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec was among the crowd of supporters. “Canada is still a colonial state. We still have problems with institutional and systemic racism. Especially towards Indigenous communities,” said Tyrrell. “We see that happening with the pipeline that’s […]

Green Party of Quebec Presents Vision for Electoral Reform to the National Assembly.

Just finished presenting the Green Party of Quebec’s position on democratic reform at the National Assembly! Special thanks to our deputy leader Alice Sécheresse and to Vincent J. Carbonneau who is a member of our executive. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec This week, I presented the Green Party of Quebec's position on democratic reform at the National Assembly along with GPQ deputy leader Alice Sécheresse and executive member Vincent J. Carbonneau.For the past 6 […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls on the Green Party to Review Leadership Contest Rules.

This morning, the GPC announced the rules for the leadership race. They have put the party for sale by setting the entrance fee at $50k and by fixing the spending limit at a whopping $500k for a party with just 20k members. These financial barriers call into question my participation in the leadership race. By imposing these financial barriers to success, the party’s federal council has essentially put the party up for sale. This runs […]

Alex Tyrrell Joins Protest to Save Montreal Wetlands.

What better way to start the week than a protest to save local wetlands? This morning, I was outside the Montréal courthouse to support the Coalition Verte – Green Coalition and TechnoparcOiseaux who are beginning a three week trial to stop the city of Montreal from distorting some of the most bio diverse wetlands on the island of Montreal. They will be making the case that the environmental review conducted by the province is not credible. At a time […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With University of Ottawa Greens

Thank you to the University of Ottawa Greens for their warm welcome and to all those who came out to the Royal Oak Pub this evening! We had many excellent conversations on the Green New Deal, Ecosocialism, Canadian politics and how to move the Green Party of Canada forward over the next few years! This was the first event of my leadership campaign and I am looking forward to meeting as many Greens as possible […]

The Marylène Lévesque case underscores need to decrminilize sex work

Last week, a convicted murderer who had been released on day parole murdered Marylène Lévesque, a 22 year old women from Saguenay who was engaged in sex work. While many have pointed the blame for this killing at the parole board which clearly should not have allowed this violent individual out of prison, few interveners or politicians have dared to question the laws governing sex work and how they too could have contributed to this […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Wet’suwet’en Solidarity Rally in Montreal

I strongly condemn the RCMP blockade of the Wet’suwet’en traditional territory in BC and the colonial system that resulted in this unjust injunction which is a huge step backwards for reconciliation in Canada. I call on PM Justin Trudeau to personally intervene in order to call off this RCMP operation on the Wet’suwet’en traditional territory. Canada, Justin Trudeau, the BC government and John Horgan should recognize traditional indigenous institutions and their right to veto extractivist […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches Federal Green Party Leadership Campaign

Today I’m announcing my candidacy for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 Here is the text of the speech he deliverd during the announcement: I am here today to announce my candidacy for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada!  I am running for the leadership because I believe that the Green Party of Canada has the potential to unite and to galvanize the […]

Quebec Greens: Alex Tyrrell Appoints Alice Secheresse and Halimatou Bah as Deputy Leaders

The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell,  appointed two deputy leaders for the duration of the federal race, which was ratified by the National Executive of the political organization.  The new deputy leaders are Alice Sécheresse and Halimatou Bah, two great activists, spokespersons and former candidates for the Green Party of Quebec in the 2018 general provincial election.  In his speech to launch the federal leadership campaign, Alex Tyrrell made the following […]

Follow the Coverage of Alex Tyrrell’s Federal Campaign Launch

As Alex Tyrrell prepares to announce his bid to become the next leader of the Green Party of Canada, an announcement he will make on January 15th the national media has begun covering his leadership campaign. More updates to come!  

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Anti-War Demonstration Following US Airstrike on Iran

On Sunday, I spoke at the demonstration against the war with Iran in front of the U.S. consulate in Montreal. Here is an article in the Journal métro. Journal Métro: “The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrell, also spoke at the rally to denounce the federal government’s “too soft” response to this “attack on Iran”. “Canada should not be complacent with an American president who is doing this because he is facing […]

Alex Tyrrell Commends Paul Manly for Speaking out Against Tar Sands

Today in the House of Commons, Green Party MP Paul Manly (B.C.) used his first question since the election to denounce the Alberta Tar Sands and more specifically the approval of the new Teck Frontier tar sands expansion project. On behalf of environmentalists, activists and all those who petitioned Elizabeth May earlier this year to oppose the tar sands I would like to thank Paul Manly for standing up to this highly destructive industry (and […]

Alex Tyrrell Praises The Creation of Yukon University

– Great News! Canada’s Sub Arctic is Getting Its First University! – Last week the Yukon Legislature passed a bill ordering the establishment of Yukon University which will become the first University in Canada’s North. To make things even better, indigenous nations will have a meaningful role in elaborating the content of the curriculum. When I travelled to the Arctic earlier this year, many of the locals complained that Arctic research was being planned, carried […]

Alex Tyrrell meets with leadership candidates David Merner and Julie Tremblay

I had a great discussion and exchange of ideas with federal Green Party leadership candidates David Merner and Julie Tremblay who came to visit me in Verdun on Friday afternoon. David Merner is a former Liberal from BC and Julie Tremblay is a businesswoman from Mirabel, Quebec. Both of them urged me to join the leadership race so that we can have a genuine debate on the future of the party, the ideological direction the […]

Statement From Alex Tyrrell On 30 Year Anniversary Of Polytechnique Massacre

Today marks 30 years since the Polytechnique shooting in which 14 innocent women were killed and many others injured in the worst massacre in recent Quebec history. As a survivor of the 2006 Dawson College shooting, I cannot begin to express my feelings towards the victims and their families. Things can change so fast and after such brutal acts all we can do is grieve and figure out how to prevent these incidents from happening […]

Quebec Greens summoned to speak at the Parliamentary Commission on Electoral Reform

I am very pleased to announce that we have been called to testify before the Parliamentary Commission on Bill 39, which seeks to establish a new voting system in Quebec. This is the first time that a representative of the Green Party of Quebec will be formally heard by a parliamentary committee in 35 years of existence. I intend to take this rare opportunity to remind the government and Minister Lebel that it is essential […]

Alex Tyrrell comments on his salary as leader of the Quebec Greens

Today in Le Devoir, a group of Green Party members who are seeking revenge after I spoke out about Elizabeth May’s support for the Alberta Tar Sands are trying to call into question my integrity for receiving a living wage for my full time work at the Green Party of Quebec. My current salary is $47k per year. Being leader of a provincial party comes with big responsibilities and long hours. A typical week is […]

Alex Tyrrell: Quebec should be ashamed of Bill 21

As Manitoba’s Premier has just launched an advertising campaign to attract Quebec’s religious minorities to Manitoba. Quebec should be ashamed of the image we project across Canada and around the world. Bill 21 is racist and discriminatory. This is a populist bill introduced by a right-wing government that seeks to divide Quebeckers in order to distract us from the construction of gas pipelines and increasing economic inequalities. Quebeckers should be ashamed of our government for […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Protest For Free Public Transit

Photo: Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime Last night I spoke at a protest calling for free public transit in Montreal and beyond. Free public transit is one of the best ways to fight climate change and social inequality. Free transit is an economic policy that is designed to increase transit ridership by making it more competitive with private vehicles. It rewards people for making environmentally friendly choices. It gives people that extra financial incentive to leave […]

Alex Tyrrell Comments On CN Strike & Propane Shortage

Today I wrote to the minister of the environment calling on him to take steps to end the use of propane and other fossil fuels in Quebec. The current propane shortage that has been triggered by the CN rail strike has shown just how over dependent we are on this fossil fuel. We should not be heating our homes, businesses and agricultural operations with fossil fuels in 2019. In my letter I urged the minister […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Protest Against Quebec’s Proposed Immigration Reform

Today I attended a demonstration against the Legault government’s immigration reform. While students were speaking, members of extreme right groups entered the crowd and began pushing people while screaming racist slogans right as the speeches were being getting underway. The police intervened quickly, but not quickly enough in my opinion. The situation could easily have turned into a major altercation. Members of the far right groups followed the demonstration throughout our entire route. The most […]

Video: Alex Tyrrell discusses potential GPC leadership bid on Power and Politics

Alex Tyrrell appeared on Power and Politics on November 4, 2019 to discuss his potential bid to lead the Green Party of Canada following Elizabeth May’s resignation as leader of the federal Greens.  I was on Power and Politics yesterday discussing the way forward for the Green Party of Canada and my potential candidacy to succeed Elizabeth May!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Alex Tyrrell reflects on his arrest during the 2012 student movement praises the abolishment of anti-protest by-laws in Montreal

Alex Tyrrell issued the following statement on November 13, 2019 The Mayor of Montreal has just announced that the city will abolish their highly controversial anti-protest by-law known as P-6. As someone who has been arbitrarily arrested, searched and handcuffed behind my back for hours of time on two separate occasions I welcome the abolition of these anti-democratic laws. Alex tyrrell During the 2012 Quebec Student Movement By-law P-6 was used to crack down on […]

Alex Tyrrell denounces violent « coup d’Etat » in Bolivia

Alex Tyrrell issued the following statement on November 12, 2019 Over the past few weeks, Bolivia has been torn apart by protests and an anti-democratic coup d’etat. Following elections that Evo Morales won on the first round with 47% of the vote, the Washington-based and largely U.S. funded « Organization of American States (OAS) » attacked the credibility of the election without evedence in order to topple the democratically elected Morales government. This is U.S. […]

Alex Tyrrell Discusses Potential Federal Leadership Bid on City News

Alex Tyrrell appeared on City News Montreal to discuss his potential bid for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada following the resignation of Elizabeth May as leader of the federal Greens. I was on City News discussing my potential candidacy for the leadership of the Green Party of Canada!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, November 7, 2019

Alex Tyrrell Calls Legault Government’s Immigration Reforms Racist

The Legault government is out of line in attacking foreign students who, after spending years in Quebec, would like to be part of our society. It is a heartless gesture that will break up families, friendships, professional relations and destroy opportunities for many young immigrants. As I have already said, the Legault government is racist and discriminitory towards minorities and newcomers. By going forward with this reform, the Legault government is sending the message that […]

Alex Tyrrell Thanks Elizabeth May For Her Outstanding Contribution To Canadian Politics

Elizabeth May has just stepped down as leader of the Green Party of Canada. On behalf of the entire membership of the Green Party of Quebec I would like to thank her for her outstanding contribution to the Canadian Green Movement and to Canadian politics. While we have had our differences of opinion, I have a great deal of respect for Elizabeth May and I wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours. […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents Candidate For Jean-Talon By-Election

Today we launched Emili Coulombe’s campaign for the upcomming by-election in the Jean-Talon dictrict in Qubec City! In this campaign we will be foccusing on the need to build Green infrastructure (that’s why we are wearing green hard hats!). The main infrastructure project we are campaigning for is a Metro for Quebec City! The Green Party of Qubec is the only provincial party that supports a Metro for Quebec City and Emili Coulombe is the […]

CBC: Quebec’s Green Party leader eyeing federal job if Elizabeth May steps down

Read the article on CBC The leader of the Green Party of Quebec said he’s considering running to be Elizabeth May’s successor and that the party needs to develop a platform that Canada’s left can rally behind. While the federal Green Party leader has not confirmed that she is planning to step down, a group of party members including Alex Tyrrell launched a petition last week asking for an open leadership race to ensure the “long-term prosperity […]

Alex Tyrrell Commends Jenica Atwin’s Commitment to « Liberate NB From The Irvings »

Wow great interview with GP MP Jenica Atwin in which she vows to fight the ultra powerful Irving corporations in New Brunswick. Go Jenica! The first-ever Green MP outside B.C. talks Western alienation, supporting oil and gas workers, Indigenous education, banning a popular pesticide ingredient and more. Wow great interview with GP MP Jenica Atwin in which she vows to fight the ultra powerful Irving corporations in New Brunswick. Go Jenica!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, November 2, […]

Alex Tyrrell Plants Trees With Green Party Volunteers In Montreal

We took a few hours to volunteer planting trees in Verdun’s Rapids Parc 😀 We planted 3 Mountain Maples, 3 Tamarack, 3 Striped Maples, 2 Willows and 2 Red Maples. During the election campaign Trudeau promised to plant 2 billion trees across the country! Although many have ridiculed this policy as an ineffective means of countering emissions, it is true that planting that many trees would be positive for the environment. We call on Trudeau to keep […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Demands Of Indigenous Hunger Striker Al Harrington

Green Party of Quebec leader Alex Tyrrell issued the following statement in response to the Kanehsatake hunger strike by Al Harrington as it enters its 14th day. « We call on the Legault government to implement a short term moratorium on development of the Kanien’keh home lands in Kanehsatake and to immediately pursue a Nation to Nation dialogue with the Rotinonhsesháka. Over the years, the encroachment of developers on Kanehsatake land combined with the continuation of colonial policies designed to […]

Alex Tyrrell Comments On Federal Election Results, Congratulates Green Candidates

I would like to congratulate all of the Green Party candidates from across the country who put their names forward to build a more progressive, just and sustainable Canada. Although the results were not what many of us were hoping for, we made considerable progress by electing the first federal Green in Atlantic Canada and by increasing the popular vote to just shy of what we received in the 2008 election. As members of the […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches Petition Calling On Tim Horton’s To Ban Single Use Cups

We demand that Tim Hortons to maintain a supply of vegetable protein in its restaurants across Canada, that they ban single-use cups and to implement a deposit exchange program for reusable cups. Sign the petition here

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns With Federal Candidates In Quebec City

Nice day on the field in Quebec City with Sandra Mara, federal Green Party candidate in Louis Saint Laurent and Daydree Vendette, Science and Innovation spokesperson for the Green Party of Quebec! Belle journée sur le terrain à Québec avec Sandra Mara, candidate du Parti Vert federal dans Louis Saint Laurent et Daydree Vendette, porte parole en Science et innovation du Parti Vert du Quebec!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, October 13, 2019 De passage au […]

Alex Tyrrell Participates In Extinction Rebelion Action « Slow Swarms »

I took part in Extinction Rébellion Québec’s “Slow swarms” action in downtown Montreal today! The climate crisis will not be solved without a mass movement, demonstrations and direct action. Let’s stay mobilized! Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec J’ai participé à l’action « Slow swarms » d’Extinction Rébellion Québec au centre ville de Montréal aujourd’hui! La…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, October 12, 2019  

Alex Tyrrell Calls Deregulation Of Quebec Taxi Industry Racist

– The deregulation of Quebec’s Taxi Industry is Racist – Last night, during the federal leaders’ debate, the Quebec National Assembly passed Bill 17 to reform the taxi industry in Quebec. This bill will severely degrade the working conditions of taxi drivers. By deregulating the number of vehicles on the roads, while abolishing special driver’s licences and annual vehicle inspections, the government is seeking to flood the streets with taxis. This will mean that drivers […]

Alex Tyrrell Condemns Police Repression Of Extinction Rebellion

Today, the Montreal Police Force has completely prevented the Extinction Rébellion demonstration from taking to the streets. The police officers outnumbered the demonstrators and some of them were heavily armed. I condemn this police repression of the environmental movement. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec Aujourd’hui la Police de Montréal a carrément empêché la manifestation d’Extinction Rébellion de prendre la rue. Les…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, October 8, 2019–SJikVpWWa5c6lzaYODgu4gQmqoVn3XCQG07lAAxMUh0I-yZHZwqMrUt2kQCDyguzYIuAqJxeShiL6r-5LG1hZQqs0Za99V5vMq8nOnwkbwfZBoK0k_Re4MtaSa8WY9dwgQAEvoP_Hr__t1quKgdoqCc8w&__tn__=-R  

Alex Tyrrell Thanks Andrew Weaver For Remarkable Contribution To The Canadian Green Movement

– B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver Steps Down – Earlier today Andrew Weaver announced he is stepping down from his party’s leadership in order to make way for a new leader and a renewed party. Over the years Andrew Weaver has accomplished a great deal for the BC Greens. He won their first seat in 2013 before being acclaimed as leader in 2015. In 2017 his party received over 16% of the vote and held […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Protest, Calls Quebec Bill 21 & Legault Government Racist

Montreal Gazette: Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Quebec Green Party (which is different from the Green Party of Canada), said he found the government and Bill 21 racist. “If we look at who is targeted by the law, who wears religious symbols, it’s visible minorities, so it’s a racist law,” Tyrrell said. Read the entire article here  Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Quebec Green Party (which is different from the Green Party of Canada), said […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At GPC Candidate Lisa Mintz Campaign Launch

Tonight I spoke at Green Party candidate Lisa Mintz‘s campaign launch in the Pierrefonds Dollard riding! Lisa is a dedicated front line environmental activist. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working with her to protect the Saint-Jacques Escarpment in NDG, the Technoparc Wetlands in Saint-Laurent, the REM Transit project and to protect the l’Anse à l’orme forest in the West Island! Lisa brings a solid work ethic, positivity, optimism and a […]

Alex Tyrrell Reacts To 2018 Election Results, Addresses Green Party Candidates & Supporters On Election Night

Alex Tyrrell speaks on 2018 Quebec General Election night following the results in which the Green Party tripled it’s support compared to the previous election. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, October 1, 2018 Nos appuis ont été multiplié par 3 à travers le Québec!! ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, October 1, 2018   Merci aux 68k personnes qui ont voté pour le Parti Vert du Québec!!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Merci aux […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits « Technoparc » Wetlands With GPC Candidate Georgia Kokotsis + Activists

This morning, I visited the wetlands located in what the government calls the “Technoparc” of Montreal with Green Party of Canada candidate for Saint-Lurent Georgia Kokotsis, as well! as environmentalists Jim Harris, François Riou, and Joël Coutu For several years, the Green Parties of Quebec and Canada have been advocating for the protection of this area that has remarkable biodiversity and represents one of the last wetlands on the island of Montreal! The fight continues and we wont […]

Alex Tyrrell Marches In Historic Climate Protest With Greta Thunberg, Green Party Delegation

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party members took part in a historic climate march in Montreal with Greta Thunberg and 500k people! Protestors called on governments to take action to curb catastrophic climate change. Session de création de pancartes pour la grève générale pour le climat au bureau du Parti Vert du Québec!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 26, 2019 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, September 29, 2019 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, September […]

Alex Tyrrell Answers Questions From Voters On CBC Radio Noon

I was on CBC Radio Noon today answering questions from callers along with the NDP and Conservative leaders. Many callers were pleasantly surprised by the Green Party’s platform! We are building more and more support every day!! I was on CBC Radio Noon today answering questions from callers along with the NDP and Conservative leaders. Many…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Alex Tyrrell’s Press Conference On Electoral Reform Bill Obstructed By National Assembly Security

Following the tabling of Quebec’s democratic reform bill Alex Tyrrell held a press conference in front of the National Assembly which was briefly obstructed by special constables. The bill tabled is electoral reform but unfortunately it is not proportional representation. Live from Quebec’s National Assembly to comment the electoral reform Bill 39.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, September 25, 2019 Suite aux élections de 2018 j’ai demandé à la CAQ si le Parti vert pourrait […]

Alex Tyrrell Discusses Global Climate Movement on RT France

I commented on Emmanuel Macron’s speech at the UN, the global student climate strike movement and Russia’s ratification of the Paris Accord on RT France.

Alex Tyrrell Visits Beloeil To Support Federal Candidate Pierre Carrier

Excellent campaign launch evening for Pierre Carrier – Green Party of Canada, Beloeil – Chambly in the presence of candidates Dany Gariépy (Pierre-Boucher-Les Patriotes-Verchères) and Jean-Charles Pelland (Montarville)! Excellente soirée de lancement de campagne pour Pierre Carrier – Parti Vert du Canada, Beloeil – Chambly en présence des…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 23, 2019

Green Party USA Presidential Candidate Dario Hunter Visits Green Party of Quebec HQ

US Green Party presidential nomination candidate Dario Hunter visits the Green Party of Quebec Headquarters to meet with members and to make a speech. Dario Hunter is an ecosocialist running on a bold progressive program for change in the United States. The event also marked 6 years of Alex Tyrrell’s Green Party of Quebec leadership. Nous sommes en direct du bureau du Parti vert du Québec où nous accueillons aujourd'hui Dario Hunter, candidat à l’investiture […]

Alex Tyrrell Discuses Green New Deal With Avi Lewis and maya Menezes

I was on the Leap Manifesto Podcast called Change Everything with Elizabeth May, Avi Lewis, and Maya Menezes. We had a great conversation about the internal workings of the Green Party of Canada, the Tar Sands and why in my opinion the GPC is the most viable option for the Canadian Left. Happy listening! I was on the Leap Manifesto Podcast called Change Everything with Elizabeth May, Avi Lewis, and Maya Menezes.We had a…Posted by Alex […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Government To Address Homelessness, Addictions

Alex Tyrrell speaks in Cabot Square in Montreal calling on governments to do more to address homelessness and the lack of services in proximity to the square following reports of the deaths of 14 homeless people over the past few months. Live from Cabott Square, to urge the government of Quebec to take action to protect the homeless.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 19, 2019

Alex Tyrrell Declares Victory as Elizabeth May Revises Tar Sands Position

Good News! The Green Party of Canada’s Position on the Tar Sands Has Changed!! – The official platform that was released today has reversed the party’s long-standing support for the construction of new Tar Sands refineries. The document also makes no mention of moving Alberta’s oil east and commits to shutting down the tar sands by the year 2035 at the latest! What a victory! Thank you to all the Green Party members from coast […]

Alex Tyrrell Acuses François Legault Of Breaking Promise On Proportional Representation

– Legault is breaking his promise on electoral reform – Those who have been following me for some time know that since 2014, we have worked very hard to build a consensus on the need to reform the voting system. This led to the signing of an agreement on May 9 between myself, François Legault, and the leaders of both the PQ and QS. We have all made a commitment to implement a proportional voting […]

Alex Tyrrell, a Survivor Of The Dawson College School Shooting Speaks On 13th Anniversary

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Dawson College Shooting of 2006. On that day I was just minutes away from entering the cafeteria when a 25 year old isolated individual burst in with a semi automatic weapon and handgun and began firing on students killing 18 year old Anastasia DeSousa and and shooting 11 other people, two of which in the head. Despite many calls for stricter gun control from survivors over the years, […]

Alex Tyrrell Reacts To Manitoba Election Results

– Manitoba Election Results – Well, the Manitoba election has drawn to a close and we are out in Winnipeg picking up signs and absorbing the results. Unfortunately we did not end up electing the first Green in Manitoba’s history last night. Our candidate Dave Nickarz made considerable gains by obtaining an impressive 36% of the vote. Although we did not achieve the outcome we were all hoping for, the Green Party of Manitoba has come a […]

Alex Tyrrell Criticizes Elizabeth May On Ambiguous Abortion Stance

I am extremely disappointed that Elizabeth May is opening the door to candidates who will use their status in the Green Party to reopen the abortion debate. This is 2019. Women should have the right to choose. The Green Party should not be pandering to the religious right. Contrairement à ce qu’elle a dit, Elizabeth May a en fait le pouvoir de ne pas accepter que des candidats ou député-es du parti militent contre les […]

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns With Manitoba Greens In Provincial Election

Having a great time volunteering in the Manitoba provincial election in Winnipeg with star candidate Dave Nickarz and his team in the Wolsley district! In the last election, Dave came within 400 votes of becoming the first Green MLA in the prairies! This time he is back with a bigger team, more experience and even more determination to break through the big party system. The Green Party of Manitoba is presenting a highly progressive platform that includes […]

Alex Tyrrell On CKUT 90.3 FM Talking About the Alberta Tar Sands, Proportional Rep and climate change!

I was on CKUT 90.3 FM earlier this week talking about the Alberta Tar Sands, Proportional Representation in Quebec and climate change! Thanks to Ryan N. Young for having me on his show named Ecolibrium! I was on CKUT 90.3 FM earlier this week talking about the Alberta Tar Sands, Proportional Representation in Quebec and climate change! Thanks to Ryan N. Young for having me on his show named Ecolibrium!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, August 31, 2019

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Taxi Industry Convention

– Speech at the Taxi Industry Convention – It was an honour to address the taxi industry convention earlier today in Laval and especially to have received a standing ovation. In my speech, I highlighted two of the main reasons why the Parti Vert du Québec is strongly opposed to the bill on industry reform. First of all, this reform of the taxi industry will lead to a deregulation of the number of cars on […]

Alex Tyrrell Applauds Daniel Green’s Strong Opposition To Bill 21

I applaud Daniel Green for taking this strong position in favour of the federal government defending minorities by intervening against Quebec Bill 21 before the courts. However, I disagree that with the idea that the Green Party of Canada will be accepting candidates that support this discriminatory legislation as it goes against our fundamental values of respect for diversity. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec I applaud Daniel Green for taking this […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Protection Of Rousseau Forest And Wetlands

Thursday I visited the Rousseau forest and wetlands in the town of Pincourt, Québec, along with Federal Green candidate Cameron Stiff and members of the group Sauvez Rousseau Wetlands. This forest, which contains several ponds and extends right to the waterfront is slated for residential development and could be destroyed in the coming months. Despite widespread opposition from local residents the Mayor of Pincourt is going ahead with the project and refuses to have any kind of meaningful […]

Thomas Mulcair on Alex Tyrrell: « Feisty and Clever »

In his latest column, Thomas Mulcair refers to me as « feisty and clever. » While I don’t agree with many of Mulcair’s policies, I certainly agree with him on this! 😂😂😂 Thanks Tom! Read the article here 

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Expanded Bottle Deposit Programme

Recently, Quebec’s Environment Minister, Benoit Charette, announced that the government was open to the idea of putting a deposit on SAQ (liquor commission) bottles. The expansion of our current bottle exchange program will create a significant logistical challenge. The SAQ says it does not have enough space in its stores to manage bottle collection. The SAQ and the Minister agree that a collection network will have to be set up outside the stores. The establishment […]

Alex Tyrrell Welcomes New Director General To Green Party of Quebec

I am very pleased to introduce the new Executive Director of the Green Party of Quebec, Wissal Alaoui! Wissal is a serious, hard-working person who is determined to advance the values of our political party on the provincial scene. Her involvement in our organization began with an internship that she completed prior to the 2018 election. She was then hired to ensure the mobilization of volunteers, the coordination of candidates, the organization of events and […]

Alex Tyrrell Celebrates Victory In Long-fought Battle To Protect Green Space

– Victoire!! Création du Grand parc de l’Ouest – C’était un plaisir de participer à une conférence de presse ce matin organisée par Sauvons l’Anse-à-l’Orme et la Coalition Verte – Green Coalition pour célébrer la victoire de la lutte pour la préservation des nombreux espaces verts de l’Ouest de l’ile de Montréal! Depuis des années, des résidents-es locaux ont mené une lutte citoyenne contre le développement immobilier sur ces terres précieuses. Ils ont interpelé les élu-es […]

Alex Tyrrell Questions Pierre Nantel’s Compatibility With Green Values

– Is Pierre Nantel compatible with the Green Party of Canada? – The NDP has just removed MP Pierre Nantel from its caucus, supposedly for a flirt with the Green Party. Given this odd turn of events we must ask ourselves the folling question: are his values compatible with the Green movement? Pierre Nantel is known for his nationalist right-wing positions. During the leadership race, he stated that Jagmeet Singh was “incompatible” with Quebec because of his […]

Alex Tyrrell Condemns Islamophobic Comments of Federal Green Candidate

I have just read the Islamophobic comments made by the candidate of the Federal Green Party in Lévis-Lotbinière, which were brought to my attention by Xavier Camus. I strongly condemn the comments in question, which are totally unacceptable within the green movement. I have just checked with the Federal Greens and the candidate will be withdrawn within 24 hours. On behalf of the Green Party of Quebec, I would like to offer my sincere apologies to […]

Alex Tyrrell Submits Petition Calling On Elizabeth May To Oppose Tar Sands

Today I submitted the petition to Elizabeth May asking her to take a clear position against the Alberta Tar Sands. Since this petition was launched in June, the Green Party of Canada has published its plan to transition the workforce away from fossil fuels. For the first time in about 7 years, the policy of building more refineries and bitumen upgraders in order to create jobs in the industry was omitted from the policy […]

Alex Tyrrell Receives International Support For Tar Sands Petition

In the coming days, I will announce some international support from the Green Movement for our petition calling on Elizabeth May to take a strong position against the Alberta Tar Sands. Over the past few months, Alberta Premier Jayson Kenney has relentlessly attacked environmental groups for their international ties. He has attempted to frame any international support for the anti-tar sands campaign as somehow illegitimate and has even launched a public inquiry to examine their […]

Alex Tyrrell Concludes 2019 Western Tour By Supporting Trans Mountain Pipeline Arrestees

– Last Day on The West Coast – To mark the end of our tour we decided to drop by the BC Supreme Court and attend a sentencing hearing for Ms Jones, a 63 year old mother who was arrested and charged with criminal contempt for participating in a protest against the Trans Mountain pipeline. Prior to receiving her sentence, Ms Jones read out a powerful statement in which she described why she feels a […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Green Candidates In Vancouver

Alex Tyrrell met with Green Candidates Bridget Burns and Jessie Brown during his travels in Vancouver and spoke at a campaign event for Suzanne de Montigny. Had a great time at the campaign launch of Jesse Brown for Vancouver-Centre. It was also a pleasure to meet Bridget Burns, candidate for Vancouver-East!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, July 18, 2019 Good luck to Suzanne de Montigny, Green Party of Canada candidate in Burnaby-New-Westminster! It was a pleasure […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits B.C. Old Growth Forest, Calls For Conservation

Visited some of the oldest trees in Canada on Meares island near Tofino, BC earlier today! Some of these trees are almost 2000 years old. In a world where most of the trees have been cut down several times it is incredible that these trees have survived for so long without anyone cutting them down. It’s critically important that we protect the last few remaining old growth forests we have.

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At The Trans Mountain Pipeline Terminal in Burnaby, B.C.

Alex Tyrrell and Cree Elder Raymond Robinson speak outside of the Trans Mountain Kinder Morgan tank farm in Burnaby BC, declare solidarity with BC’s efforts to fight the construction of an additional pipeline.

Alex Tyrrell And Raymond Robinson Briefly Detained At Trans Mountain Pipeline Depot In B.C.

– We were momentarily detained by the RCMP – Minutes after making a video in front of a Trans Mountain Pipeline depot we were pulled over and detained for 10 min by the RCMP. This type of harassment and intimidation of pipeline opponents and indigenous people by police officers is a common practice. I have been aware of it for a long time and have now experienced it firsthand. While pulled over the officer asked […]

Alex Tyrrell Camps Out On Roadside While Touring BC

Sometimes people ask me what it’s like to be leader of the Green Party of Quebec? Do we travel in the lap of luxury while staying in five-star hotels? Do we dine in fancy restaurants while spending lavish amounts of money on ourselves or are we a true grassroots activist organization? Out of the past 12 days on the road Raymond Collins Robinson and I have spent seven nights camping in rest stops, two days […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits Wet’suwet’en Anti-Pipeline Camps in Northern B.C.

⁃ Visit to the Wet’suwet’en Anti-Pipeline Camps – After spending three days at the Unist’ot’en and Gidimt’en anti-pipeline camps in northern BC, we are on the road again! Over the past three days we have had so many excellent conversations with frontline indigenous and settler anti pipeline activists. The Unist’ot’en and Gidimt’en camps were set up on the path of the Costal GasLink pipeline almost ten years ago. Thanks to the support of thousands of […]

Alex Tyrrell Heads South After Visiting Arctic Ocean & Community of Tuktoyaktuk

– Our last midnight sun before heading to BC – Visiting the small northern town of Tuktoyaktuk along the coast of Canada’s Western Arctic has been an excellent experience! Over the past few days, the people of Tuktoyaktuk have literally opened their homes to us. We have had many very interesting conversations about the way climate change is impacting the Arctic environment, the wildlife and the way of life in northern communities. While Tuktoyaktuk may […]

Alex Tyrrell Travels To Western Canadian Arctic, Yukon, NWT

We have arrived in Whitehorse, Yukon after an amazing drive up through Northern BC and the Southern Yukon! Our next stop is Dawson City before setting out on the Dempster Highway up to the Arctic circle. The southern boundary of the Arctic circle is the lowest latitude where 24h daylight can be experienced, which occurs on the summer solstice. The Arctic Circle boundary is variable with time. The planet tilts back and forth on it’s […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches Arctic Reality Tour With Raymond Robinson

After visiting the Alberta Tar Sands with my good friend and ally Raymond Robinson Nehiyaw Elder of Pimicikamak Territory in Northern Manitoba, we are continuing our journey to the Western Canadian Arctic! On this segment of our trip we plan to observe, document and increase public awareness about the impacts of climate change in the Arctic and how what happens up there affects the rest of the planet. We have just entered BC and will […]

Alex Tyrrell Stands in Solidarity with Alberta LGBTQ+ Community

Before leaving Alberta I would like to express my solidarity with the Albertan LGBTQ+ community who have been the target of attacks from social conservatives, Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party. Alberta’s bill 8 would roll back protections for Gay Straight Alliances in schools. It would make it legal for principles to inform parents that their children have expressed an interest in joining a GSA while simultaneously allowing the schools to indefinitely delay establishing […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks From The Steps Of The Alberta Legislature

Today I delivered a political speech on the steps of the Alberta Legislature! Live from the Alberta Legislature to denounce Jason Kenney, the tar sands and big oil’s influence on government!I am joined by Cass Romyn, Green Party of Canada candidate for Sturgeon River—Parkland (Edmonton) and Cree elder Raymond Collins Robinson.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, June 27, 2019 Today I delivered a political speech on the steps of the Alberta Legislature! Here is what […]

Alex Tyrrell on Tar Sands: Canadians Have A Responsibility To Stop This Environmental Catastrophe

We have arrived in Edmonton and I have had some time to reflect on what we witnessed during our three-day tour of the Alberta Tar Sands; they are disgusting. For far too long we have allowed this massive industrial project to grow unchecked. We have allowed the industry to operate with virtually no environmental regulations, with no respect for air quality, with no respect of indigenous rights, animal habitats, or the health and safety of […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches Petition Calling On Elizabeth May to Reverse Tar Sands Support

Today I am launching a petition with Green Party of Canada members from coast to coast calling on Elizabeth May to take a clear position against the Alberta Tar Sands. Continuing Tar Sands extraction until the year 2050 and beyond will contribute significantly to global warming while destroying the Boreal forest, putting human health at risk and trampling indigenous rights. We simply cannot allow the Green Party of Canada to continue supporting bitumen extraction. We […]

Alex Tyrrell Tours Alberta Tar Sands In Fort McMurray

Today we took an areal tour of the Alberta Tar Sands. This industrial project of world conquest proportions has replaced a once thriving Boreal forest with a mixture of toxic surfaces and tailings ponds. Before coming here in person I knew that things were bad but I can say now that they were worse then I thought. The environmental movement must continue fighting the tar sands. This project cannot go on. The human and environmental […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Eco-Socialism and Tar Sands With Alberta Greens in Edmonton

Thank you to Cheryle Chagnon-Greyeyes, leader of the Green Party of Alberta and to the dozens of Green Party members who came out to talk about extractivism and the true costs of the tar sands this evening at the Edmonton Public Library! Contrary to popular belief in the rest of Canada there are a lot of very progressive Albertans! Not every one out here supports Jason Kenney‘s catastrophic plan for the future of the tar sands! Tomorrow I am […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With Manitoba, Saskatchewan Greens

Excellent discussion and exchange of ideas with members of the Green Party of Manitoba in Winnipeg this evening! Our…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, June 18, 2019 We had a great evening talking with Saskatchewan Green Party leader Shawn Patrick Setyo in Saskatoon! Tomorrow night we will be in Edmonton to kick off our Tar Sands Reality tour!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Having a great time driving through Saskatchewan with Raymond Robinson. Many […]

Alex Tyrrell Blasts Legault Government on Discriminatory Law

This is what two right-wing nationalists look like celebrating the adoption of their xenophobic bill which aims to remove fundamental rights of minorities in Quebec while using time allocation rules to severely limit parliamentary debate. They have no respect for diversity, the charter of rights, the Canadian Constitution or the National Assembly. The Green party of Quebec will continue speaking up in favour inclusion, living together, our fundamental rights and respect for democratic institutions. Solidarity […]

Green Party of Quebec Hosts Discussion on Free Transit With Author

Great discussion with Jason Prince, author of the book Free Public Transit: And Why We Don’t Pay to Ride Elevators with many citizens at the Green Party office tonight! Thanks to everyone who participated! 🙂 Une nouvelle coalition citoyenne s'organise autour de l'enjeu de la gratuité des transports collectifs! Étant…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, June 6, 2019

Alex Tyrrell Announces He Will Travel To Tar Sands With Indigenous Elder Raymond Robinson

Very happy to announce that I will be travelling to Alberta next week to visit the tar sands with my good friend and ally Raymond Robinson! Raymond Robinson is a member and elder of the Cross Lake (Cree: Pimicikamāk Nīhithawī) First Nation in northern Manitoba. He is a residential school survivor, a spiritual leader and an outspoken advocate for the many injustices facing First Nation communities. He is best known for his taking part in […]

Alex Tyrrell Announces Departure of Marie Balaguy as GPQ Director General

For the last two years, I have had the privilege of working with Marie Balaguy, Executive Director of the Green Party of Quebec! After many great achievements as part of our team, she is leaving us to take up new challenges on her home continent of Europe. Marie provided immeasurable support to the Green Party of Quebec during the 2018 provincial elections. At 22 years old and just after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts […]

MMIW: Alex Tyrrell Urges Political Establishment To Recognize Canadian Genocide

On Monday, the national inquiry into murdered and missing women issued its long awaited final report. The report lays out the reality and impacts of colonial racism and discrimination that has led to the preventable deaths of thousands of women. The inquiry has used the term « genocide » to describe what is taking place. While many politicians are unwilling to accept that terminology, I think it is important to take a look at the […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Zero Waste Conference

Very happy to announce that I will be speaking about Zero Waste policies and initiatives Tuesday night at the Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal! The event is organized by Climatable and the Science & Policy Exchange – Dialogue sciences et politiques and will also feature Mariève Isabel of Montreal Urban Sustainability Experience (McGill), Sophie Bernard, Mathematics and Industrial Engineering (Polytechnique Montréal). It’s always a pleasure to discuss these critically important issues! The event is open to the public! More info […]

Alex Tyrrell Applauds GPC’s Backtracking on Bringing Tar Sands Oil to Quebec

A couple of days ago, I wrote a post expressing my profound disagreement with the Green Party of Canada’s position that tar sands oil should be consumed in eastern Canada until the year 2050 and that the federal government should subsidize the construction of bitumen upgraders and refineries to make this happen. Over the past two days, I received an overwhelming amount of support from Green Party members and environmentalists from right across the country. […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Tar Sands, Debates Elizabeth May on CBC As It Happens

I was on CBC As It Happens this afternoon discussing my opposition to the Canadian tar sands, fossil fuel subsidies and the need for the Green Party of Canada to stand in solidarity with the environmental movement on these very important issues. I was on CBC As It Happens this afternoon discussing my opposition to the Canadian tar sands, fossil fuel subsidies and…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, May 30, 2019

Alex Tyrrell Meets with Environment Minister Benoit Charette

This morning, Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec members met with the minister of environment Benoit Charette. We hope to be able to continue the dialogue in a productive way, in order to address the environment beyond partisan interests. Ce matin, première rencontre depuis sa nomination avec le ministre de l’environnement, M. Charette, et mes collègues…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, May 30, 2019 – Rencontre avec le ministre de l'Environment – C'est avec […]

Alex Tyrrell on GPC Support for Tar Sands: “I cannot in good conscience defend this position”

Since Elizabeth May unveiled her environmental program last week, many of you have asked me about her support for tar sands oil, and rightly so. What Ms. May is proposing is to ban oil imports in order to promote the canadian tar sands and the Canadian economy. She intends to do this by financing the construction of refineries equipped to process this type of oil across eastern Canada. This will ensure the continuity of tar […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets Former US Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein

With Jill Stein, Green candidate for President of the United States in 2012 and 2016! We met at the Maine Green Party Convention! Jill Stein is a front-line eco-socialist activist. Her presidential campaigns have focused on issues of environmental protection, a fairer foreign policy, against the military-industrial complex, massive reform of the justice system, anti-racism and a fairer distribution of wealth! It was a great honour to be able to meet with her in the […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Green Convention in Augusta Maine, USA

Very happy to announce that I will be a guest speaker at the Maine Green Independent Party convention this weekend in Augusta Maine, USA! My presentation will be focused on the recent electoral victories of Paul Manly in BC as well as Peter Bevan-Baker and the Green Party of Prince Edward Island as well as the Hydro Quebec/Central Maine Power Company transmission line that would severally impact animal habitats, landscapes and towns along it’s 235km path. I will also touch on some of […]

Alex Tyrrell: Plante Administration Should Do More For Environment

Earlier today, the Mayor of Plateau Mont-Royal announced his resignation from Valérie Plante’s Montreal administration due to the city’s lack of concrete actions in the fight against climate change and environmental issues. Although the Plante administration has taken several steps in the right direction since its election, notably with a 16% increase in the STM’s bus fleet, its actions are simply not sufficient to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. Projet Montréal was founded, […]

Alex Tyrrell At National Assembly For Proportional Rep Meetings

This afternoon, I am at the National Assembly for very important meetings on voting reform with Raphaël Fortin, leader of the NDPQ, Jean Nicolas Marchand, President of the Conservative Party of Quebec, and Jean-Sébastien Dufresne, Executive Director of the Mouvement Démocratie Nouvelle. We are here for meetings with MPs Sol Zanetti of Québec Solidaire, Sébastien Proulx of the Liberal Party and Harold LeBel of the Parti Québécois. We are concerned that the reform that will […]

Alex Tyrrell campaigns with the Green Party of Prince Edward Island

Alex Tyrrell campaigns with the Green Party of Prince Edward Island in what became a historic victory; the Greens won 9 of 27 seats in the provincial legislature and became the official opposition for the first time ever! Avec Peter Bevan-Baker, le chef de l’opposition de l’Ile du Prince Edward!!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, April 23, 2019 Félicitations à Hannah Elizabeth Bell et Trish Altass, pour leurs élections!! Vive les VERTS!!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Removal of Denise Bombardier For Propagating Hate Speech

April 10, 2019 – In Montreal, the leader of the Green Party of Quebec demands the resignation of Denise Bombardier, columnist for the Journal de Montréal, because of the comments made in her April 9 post entitled “La haine dans les rues de Montréal” (Hate in the Streets of Montreal). In the column in question, Ms. Bombardier maintains that the thousands of Quebecers who demonstrated against racism on April 7 had a “hatred of Quebecers”, […]

Alex Tyrrell Denounces SNC Lavalin Scandal on RT France

Alex Tyrrell appeared on RF France to condemn the Trudeau government’s handling of the cooperate corruption scandal regarding SNC Lavalin. The federal government should not pardon corporate criminals. J'étais sur RT France pour commenter le scandale SNC-Lavalin et le bilan du gouvernement Trudeau. Video: by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Alex Tyrrell, Green Party of Québec Firmly Opposed to Xenophobic Bill

The Green Party of Quebec is an ardent defender of the rights and freedoms of all. As a result, we strongly oppose the “secularism” bill introduced by the Legault government and Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette. This manoeuvre is the result of a xenophobic trend that is increasingly present in Quebec. This trend is largely due to right-wing media and political opportunism. “Today, I am ashamed of my government,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party […]

Alex Tyrrell Participates in Anti-Racism Protest in Montreal

Alex Tyrrell as well as Green Party of Quebec Diversity and Inclusion critic and former candidate Aziza Dini take part in anti racism protest in the streets of Montreal following the election of Francois Legault. À la manif contre le racisme ♥️✌️Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, March 24, 2019

Green Party of Quebec Elects New National Executive

I am very proud to present the newly elected National Executive of the Green Party of Quebec ! Thank you to all those who submitted their candidacies; the members had a panoply of good options before them and the choice was a difficult one. The National Executive is the highest administrative body of the Green Party of Quebec. It joins the new shadow cabinet that was announced at the beginning of the month. I am […]

Alex Tyrrell Participates in Women’s Day Protest, Says Equality Has Not Been Achieved

Alex Tyrrell speaks from the streets of Montreal during the 2019 women’s day protest, says that much more needs to be done in order to achieve equality, to counter rape culture and to ensure women’s rights. The Green Party of Quebec is a feminist party.

Alex Tyrrell Joins With Provincial Conservative, NDP Leaders on Proportional Representation

In order to ensure that the reform of the voting system proposed by the CAQ increases the diversity of voices in the National Assembly, I have just signed a joint letter with the leaders of the NDPQ and the Conservative Party requesting a meeting with Minister Sonia Lebel, who is responsible for the file with the government. – Réforme du mode de scrutin – Afin d’assurer que la réforme du mode de scrutin proposée par […]

Alex Tyrrell: « SNC-Lavalin should not be above the law »

While SNC-Lavalin is facing two criminal trials in Libya and Canada, the Autorité des Marchés Publics du Québec (AMQ) suggests that even if the company is found guilty, its exclusion from Quebec public infrastructure contracts is not guaranteed. The Green Party of Quebec is calling on the Legault government to legislate to ensure that companies found guilty of corruption are automatically prohibited from bidding on public contracts for at least 10 years. While at the federal […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks at Protest Denouncing Anti-Chinese Racism

Today I took part in a demonstration organized by the Chinese community to denounce the racist comments made by a Québec solidaire MNA, Émilise Lessard-Therrien. It is important to denounce unacceptable comments, whether they are made by individuals or by parties, regardless of whether they come from the right or the left. In this case, Québec Solidaire and the MNA in question had ample time and opportunity to correct their remarks, to say “I apologize” […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits Polytechnique Nuclear Reactor With Anti-Nuclear Activists

Today I visited the École Polytechnique nuclear reactor with long-time anti-nuclear activist Dr. Gordon Edwards. We had a very interesting conversation with Dr. Cornelia Chilian who is in charge of the SLOWPOKE research reactor. Although Dr. Chilian is very supportive of the nuclear industry, we were able to find mixed views on the need to decrease our energy consumption in all forms as quickly as possible. The École Polytechnique reactor is the only reactor still […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Daniel Green on By-Election Results

Congratulations to Daniel Green, Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada for his campaign in Outremont where the Greens received nearly 14% of the vote! ✅ 14% of the vote is almost unheard of for the Greens in Quebec! It shows that our movement is growing. People are more and more open to actions for the environment, in the same vein, the political change of direction that is needed. People are turning to the Greens […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Sexual Harassment Of Journalists

A couple of weeks ago, the Green Party of Québec proposed a provincial law that would make catcalling and street harassment a tickatable offense. In the case mentioned in this article, the individual making the remarks was found not guilty of a criminal offense despite admitting to making the degrading remarks. This is yet another example of the need to legislate on this type of sexual harassment. What took place should have been illegal. If […]

Alex Tyrrell Appoints Green Party of Quebec Shadow Cabinet

It is with great pleasure that I announce that starting next week, the Green Party of Quebec will be equipped with a shadow cabinet with more than 25 spokespeople! This dynamic team will be composed not only of candidates from the 2018 election, but also of several new people making their debut in provincial politics! Members of the shadow cabinet will be responsible for specific files and/or regions of the province. This strategy of decentrilising […]

Alex Tyrrell Slams Legault For Claiming “There is no Islamophobia in Quebec”

I strongly condemn the words of François Legault, who has just stated that, according to him, “there is no Islamophobia in Quebec. » He reportedly made this statement the day after the anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Quebec City mosque. The comments in question are not worthy of a Prime Minister and they are a setback for Quebec society. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec Je condamne fortement les propos […]

Voting Reform: Alex Tyrrell Meets With Justice Minister’s Cabinet

I am very pleased to announce that this Friday afternoon I will be meeting with members of Justice Minister Sonia Lebel’s office to inform them of the Green Party of Quebec’s proposals for reforming Quebec’s voting system and democratic institutions. For nearly five years, the Green Party of Quebec has been working with the Mouvement démocratie nouvelle (MDN) and other political parties to develop a consensus on the modalities of democratic reform towards a proportional […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Conservation of Montreal West Island Forest

Merci to all those who have mobilized today to protect the “triangular” woodland of Senneville, on the West Island of Montreal! ✊ This 3.5 hectare mature forest contains an impressive biodiversity. Local residents have always opposed the development of this woodlot, which borders the grounds of Saint-Georges High School and was once the school board’s priority. What we are asking, with the support of many residents, is that the Legault government, in collaboration with the […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents Green Party of Quebec Office Team

Alex Tyrrell presents Green Party of Quebec’s team of employees and interns in January of 2019. The team is ready for action! Happy New Year! Très content de commencer l'année avec cette superbe équipe au bureau Montréalais du Parti Vert du Québec!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Alex Tyrrell opposes LNG Quebec Gas Pipeline

While Quebeckers from all walks of life are demanding that the Quebec government play a leadership role in protecting the environment and fighting climate change, the new Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charette, must take responsibility for the proposed gas pipeline and marine terminal for the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. The project in question will have catastrophic effects on the belugas of the St. Lawrence. By increasing liquefied gas vessel traffic in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park, […]

The Green Party of Quebec calls for a public inquiry into the manufacture of weapons in Quebec

The Green Party of Quebec calls for a public inquiry into the manufacture of weapons in Quebec Today, we have learned in the Journal de Montréal that Quebec allows a significant number of companies to manufacture bombs and military equipment in the province. Although some information remains secret, we already know that much of the ammunition is exported to Saudi Arabia and other countries where human rights are violated on a daily basis. Every year, […]

Sputnik France: Alex Tyrrell Underlines Positivity in 2018

Translated from Sputnik France: Is the environmental movement booming in Quebec? Some people are convinced that it is. This is the case of the leader of the Quebec Green Party, Alex Tyrrell, whom Sputnik interviewed. The Quebec Greens are still not represented in the National Assembly, but they are confident about the future. On October 1, the election of an autonomist right-wing government made history in Quebec. By electing 75 out of 125 members to the […]

Alex Tyrrell Addresses Voters Ahead Of Roberval By-Election

Alex Tyrrell makes final pitch to voters in Roberval ahead of the provincial by election. His campaign focused on blocking a proposed natural gas pipeline, creating a new college training program in renewable energy and implementing free public transit in the region.  

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Public Pension Fund To Divest From Fossil Fuels

Alex Tyrrell participates in a protest in front of the offices of Quebec’s public pension fund calling on the institution to divest from fossil fuels, the tar sands and other extractivist and unethical industries. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Participates In Roberval By-Election Debate

Alex Tyrrell participates in local candidates debate during the 2018 Roberval by-election that was called to replace Philippe Couillard following his resignation. Issues discussed include healthcare, environment, regional economic development and local autonomy. Excellente couverture du débat d’hier et ma position en faveur d’une nouvelle technique au CÉGEP de Saint-Félicien en énergies propres appliquées au territoire du Québec ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, November 28, 2018 Excellent débat hier soir à Dolbeau-Mistassini ✅Posted by Alex […]

Roberval By-Election: Alex Tyrrell Proposes New CEGEP Program In Green Technology

Alex Tyrrell proposes the creation of a new college level training in green technology and renewable energy during the 2018 Roberval by-election that was called to replace outgoing premier Philippe Couillard. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, November 28, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Meets Legault Following Inaugural Address, Offers To Collaborate On Environment & Electoral Reform

I have just left the Parliament following the inaugural speech of François Legault’s new government. First of all, although there have been several positive elements, such as more transparency around government nominations, the new government remains weak on the environment, on the climate crisis, and on social justice in Quebec. Despite my differences with the Premier’s speech, I took the time to offer him my full cooperation on environmental issues and electoral reform. He thanked […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Gas Pipeline in Roberval By-Election, Calls For Free Transit Link, Greenhouses

Alex Tyrrell campaigns in the 2018 Roberval by-election in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region of Quebec. He announces his opposition to a new natural gas pipeline, support for free transit and the creation of a new college program in renewable energy technology. Prise de position contre le gazoduc! ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, November 24, 2018   Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, November 26, 2018 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, November 25, 2018   […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Muslim Forum Banquet, Denounces Islamophobia, Quebec Political Establishment

Tonight I attended the annual banquet of the Canadian Muslim Forum with our candidate Aziza Dini! 😎 Here is the text of my speech: Good evening! It is a great honour to be able to address you this evening on behalf of the entire team at the Green Party of Quebec. The Green Party of Quebec is an eco-socialist, feminist and multicultural political party. We support everyone’s rights and freedoms, living together and the inclusion […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches By-Election Campaign In Roberval

Today I launched my campaign in the Roberval by-election! This by-election represents the first time in our party’s 34-year history that voters in Roberval will have the opportunity to vote green at the provincial level. I am therefore very proud to be the first green candidate to run in the riding of Roberval. Our party tripled its support in the last election. We are growing and we wish to offer the people of Lac Saint […]

Alex Tyrrell Comments on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Election Win

I am deeply inspired by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who made history last night as the youngest woman to ever be elected to the US Congress at just 29 years old. One year before the election she was working in a restaurant. Now she is on the forefront of progressive politics with a strong mandate to fight a political and economic system that is failing working people, minority groups, the environment and future generations. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez policies […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Vigil For Nicholas Gibbs; Black Man Killed By Police In NDG

On Sunday I will be attending the vigil for Nicholas Gibbs, a young black man who was shot in the back and killed by Montréal Police just two blocks away from my home in NDG. Racism and police brutality are alive and well in Montréal and it is our responsibility as residents of all backgrounds to take a stand against what is happening in our communities. The video of what happened looks more like an […]

Alex Tyrrell Writes To Premier Legault Following 2018 Election

Today, I wrote to Premier Legault to request access to the gallery of the national assembly for the Green Party of Quebec. In a context where the Green Party of Quebec is the largest party not represented in the national assembly and where the premier has committed to reforming the voting system between now and the next election, I believe that our request is justified and reasonable. If the 2018 general election were based on […]

Alex Tyrrell In Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu To Support Municipal Referendums

Today I was in Saint Jean sur Richelieu with our candidate Véronique Langlois to support the citizens who oppose the cancellation of the municipal referendums. Municipal referendums, which are triggered when a certain number of signatures are obtained, allow citizens to take democratic means to stop zoning changes, the destruction of green spaces and other projects that are harmful to the environment. A bill passed by the Couillard government allows municipalities to take away citizens’ […]

Alex Tyrrell Commends Quebec City Police For Preventing Far Right Terrorist Plot

I would like to commend the work of the Quebec City police and the citizens for their actions in preventing Michael Riverin, a supporter of the extreme right in Quebec, from committing acts of mass violence against minorities in Quebec City. After what happened at the mosque in Quebec City, the police force must remain extremely vigilant around acts of mass violence of a hateful nature. Extreme right-wing groups are increasingly present in the media […]

Alex Tyrrell Returns To Green Party Office Following 2018 Election

Back at the office after thousands of kilometers, an election campaign at the pace of a marathon, and with three times more votes than in 2014! 😎✅ Thank you to Marie Balaguy, our political organizer who worked for over a year to organize this exceptional campaign that has borne fruit. ✌️ Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec De retour au bureau suite à des milliers de kilomètres, une campagne électorale au rythme […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Massive Anti Racism Protest In Montreal

Alex Tyrrell attended the demonstration with Green Party members and made the following statement: Excellent demonstration against racism today in Montreal! Nearly 25k people took to the streets to defend the rights of Quebec’s minorities. The new government says it wants to suspend the constitution in order to oppress minority rights and the Green Party of Quebec will be on the ground to oppose it. Quebec’s diversity is its strength. Let us work now to […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Environmental Protest In Montreal Following Election

Alex Tyrrell and former green party candidates attend environmental protest following the 2018 Quebec election and called on the new government of Francois Legault to take environmental issues seriously and to take concrete action to fight climate change. À la marche « la planète s’invite au parlement » à Montréal aujourd’hui!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, October 6, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Clear Cut Of Forest In Pointe-Claire

“The leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell has taken a stand against the clearing operation carried out by CDPQ-Infra. “For the REM, they should have chosen non-wooded land. This area is one of the only wooded areas left in Pointe-Claire, one of the last biodiversity hotspots in the area. We are next to a huge parking lot. They could have easily done the station there. We need public transit, but there is […]

Alex Tyrrell Thanks Supporters, Reflects on 2018 Quebec Election

Dear supporters, The election campaign is over, a new government will soon come to power, and I would like to share with you some of my conclusions on this election. First and foremost, I am very proud of the campaign of ideas led by the Green Party of Quebec and our candidates on the ground in all regions of Quebec. Our team of candidates, younger (average age of 34 years) and more female (58% female […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls on Quebeckers to Vote Green in Final Video Address on Election Day

Dear Quebecers, You have shown a very great and sincere sensitivity to the environment throughout this election campaign. You have rightly criticized the media and the other political parties for not talking enough about the issues related to the ecological crisis. Many of you have shown support for our Party. We are infinitely grateful to you. This October 1st, give us the voice we need to ensure that our most precious asset, our Planet, is […]

Green Party of Quebec Recognized for Gender Diversity In Candidates

In the 2018 Quebec general election campaign the Green Party of Quebec is presenting the highest percentage of female candidates of any party by surpassing gender parity and presenting 58% women candidates.

Alex Tyrrell & Green Candidates Take Part In Pre-Election Environmental Protest In Montreal

It was a real pleasure to see close to 10k people in the streets of Montreal today demanding ambitious environmental policies in the Quebec political debate and election campaign. For those of you who still haven’t read our platform, The New Green Plan is available on our website. It is by far the best environmental program before voters right now. Vote Green on October 1 😉😎✅ À la manif pour l'environnement aujourd’hui avec plusieurs candidat-es […]

Alex Tyrrell Debates Quebec Conservative Leader Face To Face

In Quebec City Alex Tyrrell debates one on one with Quebec Conservative Party leader Adrien Pouliot at the studio of Sept Jours sur Terre. The debate was a great opportunity to contrast left and right wing policies and visons for the future of the province. En route pour un débat face à face avec Adrien Pouliot, chef du Parti Conservateur du Québec ✅Le tout sera diffusé en direct sur la page Facebook du Parti Vert!!Posted […]

The Committee for the Enhancement of the History Curriculum gives top marks to the Green Party of Quebec

A coalition of teachers concerned about major shortfalls of the Quebec public school history curriculum gave top marks to the Green Party of Quebec who has pledged to reform the curriculum to make it more inclusive and accurate. The Committee for the Enhancement of the History Curriculum gives top marks to the Green Party of Quebec!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Calls For End Of Glyphosate Spraying

Alex Tyrrell gave a feature interview to La Vie Agricole, a news outlet dedicated to agricultural issues in the province. He laid out the Green Party’s plan to ban glyphosate spraying and to allow farmers to choose which union represents them. Entrevue à « La vie agricole » pour discuter des différents enjeux touchant l'agriculture au Québec. À voir!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

“Coalition pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine” Gives Top Marks To Green Party Of Quebec Platform

Coalition pour que le Québec ait meilleure mine, a non profit dedicated to improving the environmental and social practices of the mining industry gave top marks to the Green Party of Quebec’s 2018 election platform. Yess!! « Le Parti vert du Québec qui répond le plus aux préoccupations de la Coalition, avec une note parfaite. »Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, September 25, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates 3 Green Party Of New Brunswick MLA’s For Their Elections

Alex Tyrrell congratulates New Brunswick Green Party candidates Kevin Arsenault, Megan Mitton and David Coon for their election wins on a progressive platform. These victories are an inspiration to Quebec Greens. Bravo aux élu-es du Parti Vert du Nouveau Brunswick!!Posted by Parti Vert du Québec – Green Party of Quebec on Wednesday, September 26, 2018 Le rêve est possible!! ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 24, 2018   Bravo aux trois candidat-e-s du Parti Vert […]

Alex Tyrrell & Candidate Sam Kühn Standing Up For Disabled Kids

Alex Tyrrell discusses care for disabled kids with Green Party Candidate Sam Kühn who has been forced to start a protest movement in order to obtain speech therapy services for his seven year old daughter.

Alex Tyrrell Tours Tornado Destruction In Gatineau With Green Party Candidates, Helps Out With Cleanup

Today I went to Gatineau with five of our candidates to see the damage from the tornado and to help out on the ground. After meeting with a few citizens while observing the damage, we went to the Mont Bleu neighbourhood to pick up pink fibreglass insulation that was all over the roadside. We had to pick up the insulation as quickly as possible to prevent it from remaining in the environment and to prevent […]

Alex Tyrrell Takes Parti In Debate With NDP, Québec Solidaire Leaders

Alex Tyrrell participated in an election debate at Concordia University against the leaders of Quebec Solidaire and the NDP as well as other candidate. He drew loud applauds on several occasions for being outspoken on key progressive issues. I was in a debate this evening with the leaders of the NDP and Québec Solidaire as well as candidates from the PQ, Liberals and CAQ.People are saying I won the debate! A must watch!Posted by Alex […]

Alex Tyrrell Celebrates 5 Years As Quebec Green Party Leader

Today is the 5-year anniversary of my election as leader of the Green Party of Quebec. It’s been an honour and a privilege to be at the helm of an organization as dynamic, energetic and mobilized as ours. It’s a privilege to be able to work with such a wonderful a team of candidates, employees, volunteers and stagiaires who are active on the ground across all regions of Quebec. These are genuine people who are […]

Radio Canada Profiles Alex Tyrrell During 2018 Quebec Election

From Radio-Canada: Barely 30 years old, Alex Tyrrell ran for office eight times. The leader of the Green Party of Quebec feels that his political experience scattered across the province has given him the political Interview. Read the full article here Excellent article de Radio-Canada!!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Explains Green Party Policy For Eliminating Sexual Abuse on Campuses

Alex Tyrrell participates in a debate about education policy with two former ministers of education as well as other candidates at the Université du Québec à Montréal. In the following video he presents the Green Party’s strategy for eliminating sexual abuse on campus. Voici ma réponse à une question sur les violences sexuelles et les services aux étudiants lors du débat sur l’enseignement supérieur à l’UQAM.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Reacts To English Leaders Debate

Alex Tyrrell reacts to the 2018 Quebec leaders debate from which he was excluded. He says the leaders left out environmental policies, that the Green Party’s presence would have made the debate more interesting and that he would have won the debate if he were to have been invited. My reaction to the English leader’s debatePosted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 17, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns In Saguenay

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec candidates campaign in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. The group visited a palliative care facility that was under construction and made several announcements. Visite à la nouvelle Maison des soins palliatifs de Saguenay! Merci à André Tremblay pour l’accueil!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 17, 2018 Excellente rencontre et échange d’idées avec les gens du Centre d’amitié autochtone du Saguenay en compagnie de nos…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 17, […]

SPCA Gives Green Party Of Quebec Top Marks On Animal Rights Platform

Montreal, September 17, 2018 – A month ago, in the lead-up to the provincial election, the Montreal SPCA submitted a questionnaire to the main political parties to learn more about their positions on various provincial animal welfare issues. Today, we are revealing the results of this questionnaire in the form of a ranking, from the most to the least favourable position on animal welfare: Green Party of Quebec (GPQ) Québec Solidaire (QS) Parti Québécois (PQ) Coalition […]

Alex Tyrrell, Quebec City Candidates Speak At Protest

During the 2018 Quebec General Election Alex Tyrrell attends environmental protest in Quebec City along with local candidates for the region. Organizers called on parties and voters to do more to instigate change. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, September 16, 2018 Délégation du Parti Vert à la manif « l’environnement s’invite dans la campagne électorale » à Québec ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, September 16, 2018

Green Party Of Quebec To Run 97 Candidates In Provincial Election

I am very proud to announce that the Green Party of Quebec will present 97 candidates in this general election! We are back in full force in all regions of Quebec! I would like to thank all those who contributed to the start of this campaign. This is the second largest number of candidates presented by our party since the beginning of our history, 34 years ago. The Green Party of Quebec has never been […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At « La planète s’invite dans la campagne » Protest

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec candidates participate in Montreal protest calling on parties to do more for the environment just weeks before election day.[0]=68.ARC-hThLv-IBB8SzqfKmQVRPQ_rrBgKFkphRNgb76X28pQCtp9WPNLgv5FcU_TKyjW-QuEHsG_R9-Gh_aCmQ_rRGMlI-6XHSGP12fc72-pFde_nwvjcBi5P8Ba_owb-w6YTHMpM-KNDwdW-eJfg_UDGb6dus5Cm4WZymDepTR-4jD5qFQOolBihmnUBPwQoxVN4mOM-SVc9q9K-Iycp1PMCJ-c3UvsCS-Hdyeq5CNbh7ChECQ9uxOPdZ0-33dWYI2Vdkk_AKNuS6BuTTDWuFP4ZTDglLsK3LPZzXxA

Alex Tyrrell Responds To Quebec Solidaire Backtracking On Opposition to Carbon Tax

Following repeated criticisms from the Green Party over Quebec Solidaire’s failure to call for an increased price on carbon emissions QS slightly modified their program but it is not enough. Alex Tyrrell reacts to the announcement:

Alex Tyrrell Responds To Leaders Debate

Alex Tyrrell participates in protest organized outside of the leader’s debates at Radio-Canada studios in Montreal before issuing a reaction to the content of the debate from Green Party HQ afterwards. Voici ma réaction au débat des chefs:Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 13, 2018 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns On Electric Scooter

Alex Tyrrell uses an electric scooter to campaign in Montreal during the 2018 Quebec general election. He had previously received media attention for campaigning across the province in a 2002 Honda Civic rather than a traditional campaign bus.

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Rally To Save Wetlands

Alex Tyrrell makes a campaign stop at a rally in Saint-Laurent where environmentalists and particularly bird watchers are calling for the protection of a very valuable wetland and forest.

Alex Tyrrell, Daphné Poulin Present Green Party Platform On Democratic Reform

During the 2018 Quebec general election Alex Tyrrell makes a campaign stop in front of the CEGEP de Granby and announced the party’s platform on democratic reforms, lowing the voting age and a variety of measure to stimulate democratic participation along with local candidate Daphné Poulin. Excellente article à propos de mon passage à Granby ce matin pour appuyer notre candidate Daphné Poulin!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, September 11, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell & Conservative Leader Call For Inclusion In Debates

Alex Tyrrell and Quebec Conservative leader Adrien Pouliot join forces to call on CBC Radio-Canada to include their respective parties in the leader’s debate during the 2018 Quebec general election campaign. Oui, le Parti Vert du Québec et le Parti Conservateur du Québec mérite une place au débats des chefs!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, September 14, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Massive Investments In Bio-Methane, Waste Water Treatment

Saturday morning we presented our bold plan for wastewater management in Quebec! We propose: ✅ Large-scale biogasification projects across Quebec that will allow us to extract renewable energy from wastewater, following the example of Washington DC – we currently use fossil fuels to incinerate waste materials. ✅ An end to the dumping of untreated wastewater into Quebec’s waterways – about 100 municipalities continue to do so on a daily basis due to a lack of […]

Alex Tyrrell Participates In Climate Protest In Old Port of Montreal

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec candidates take part in protest for more environmental protection in Old Montréal during the 2018 Quebec General Election.

Alex Tyrrell Interviewed By Frédéric Bérard of Métro Newspaper

Alex Tyrrell gives feature interview to Frédéric Bérard of Métro Newspaper during the 2018 Quebec general election campaign. Questions include the role of the Green Party, the preparations for the campaign and the party’s ideological foundation.   Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 6, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Hydro Quebec To Rescind Contract With Israeli Electric Corperation

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party candidate Melanie Messier announces Quebec Green Party’s position on Hydro Québec and hydro dams as well as the party’s opposition to collaboration between Hydro Québec and the Israel Power Cooperation. He is joined by Miranda Gallo of Canadians for justice and peace in the middle east. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 6, 2018

CBC: Quebec’s Green Party aims to win over voters with ‘eco-socialist’ agenda

Like the rest of Quebec’s party leaders, the head of Green Party is touring the province this month in a bid to win over voters. But instead of a sleek campaign bus and nights in hotels, Alex Tyrrell is driving around in a beat up 2001 Honda Civic and sleeping in youth hostels. Read More on CBC

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Quebec Solidaire to Reverse Opposition To Carbon Taxes

Alex Tyrrell makes a campaign stop in Quebec Solidaire spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois’s district calling on Quebec Solidaire to adopt a more ambitious plan to tax carbon. Aujourd’hui, j'ai écrit une lettre ouverte à Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois afin de demander à Québec Solidaire de reconsidérer…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alex Tyrrell 1 on 1 With CBC Radio’s Mike Finnerty

During the 2018 Quebec general election campaign Alex Tyrrell sits down with Mike Finnerty of CBC Montreal’s Daybreak program. Subjects discussed include the party’s platform and Alex’s vision for the province. I was on CBC Daybreak this morning!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Protests Green Party Exclusion from Debate

Alex Tyrrell and other Green Party of Quebec Candidates Protest the party’s exclusion from a debate organized by Force Jeunesse. In a rare show of support the Liberal candidate Marwah Rizqy offered to share he time with Alex Tyrrell if the organizers would allow him to participate in the debate. Unfortunately, Force Jeunesse refused to budge.

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Capping Student-Teacher Ratio at 20, Reinvigorating School Board Democracy

During a campaign announcement Alex Tyrrell unveils the Green Party of Quebec’s support for capping the number of students per teacher at 20. He also announces the Quebec Green Party’s proposals to reinvigorate School Board Elections.

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Resignation of Conservative Candidate Over Sexist, Pro Rape Culture Comments

Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell and candidate Stephanie Stevenson call for the resignation of a Conservative Pary of Quebec candidate Caroline Orchard over her sexist, pro rape culture and anti feminist comments that were publicly documented well before this campaign begun.

Alex Tyrrell Calls For 32h Work Week, Better Protection For Workers

On labour day, Alex Tyrrell made a campaign stop in Trois Rivieres to call for a reduction of the work week to 32 hours within 4 years as well as other measures to support workers and their rights and unions. « Le chef du Parti vert du Québec, Alex Tyrrell, était de passage à Trois-Rivières lundi. Il a profité de la fête du…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, September 3, 2018 Couverture de Radio-Canada Mauricie a […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Pride Parade In Quebec City

Alex Tyrrell spoke at the Pride parade in Quebec City. The Green Party of Quebec proposes: ✅ The establishment of LGBTQ+ youth centres across Quebec ✅ Quality sexuality education in primary schools ✅ More services for transgender individuals in the regions Discours lors de la fierté gaie à Québec! Le Parti Vert du Québec propose:✅ La mise en place de centres de jeunesse…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, September 2, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Prison System With Green Candidates

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party Candidates announce their support for alternatives to prisons, solitary confinement and unveil their plan to transition to a prison model based on rehabilitation rather than punishment.

Alex Tyrrell and His Team Stay in Youth Hostels on Campaign Trail

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party Candidates reveal the low key accommodations that they stayed in during the 2018 Quebec general election campaign in which Alex Tyrrell and Green candidates did not stay in luxurious hotels!

Alex Tyrrell Gives Feature Interview To 7 Jours Sur Terre

Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell gives feature interview to 7 jours sur terre. Subjects discussed include the party’s program, the party’s proposal to build a Metro in Quebec City and many other important issues. Entrevue avec Alex Tyrrell, chef du PVQEntrevue avec le chef du Parti Vert du Québec – Green Party of Quebec, Alex Tyrrell.Posted by 7 jours sur Terre on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 Excellente entrevue tournée aujourd’hui pour 7 jours sur Terre […]

Alex Tyrrell Announces Support For Construction of Quebec City Metro System

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party candidates for the Quebec City region hold a press conference calling for the construction of a Metro in Quebec City in order to reduce trafic congestion, the use of fossil fuels and never ending road expansion projects. Aujourd’hui nous avons présenté notre plan de métro et de tramways pour la Ville de Québec et la région de la Capitale Nationale. ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, September 1, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Gives Feature Video Interview to Le Devoir

I was at Le Devoir yesterday talking about the 2018 election platform of the Green Party of Quebec our plans for public transit, environmental protection, social justice, anti-racism and why I am involved in Quebec politics. La quotidienne électorale: le Parti vert du QuébecD’ici la fin de la campagne électorale, Le Devoir vous fait découvrir les plus gros «petits» partis. Aujourd’hui, Karl Rettino-Parazelli rencontre le chef du Parti Vert du Québec – Green Party of […]

Alex Tyrrell, Kimberly Salt Present Green Party Platform on Public Transit

Today, the Green Party of Quebec announced its proposals to improve Montreal’s metro system. 💚🚇 Several lines would see important additions, for the benefit of all Montrealers. To learn more about our ideas 👉 // Aujourd'hui, le Parti Vert du Québec a annoncé ses propositions pour bonifier le réseau du métro de Montréal….Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 31, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Removal Of PQ Candidate For Racist, Islamophobic Comments

Excellent day at the Sherbrooke gay parade along with Dodier Sylvain, candidate in Mégantic, Daphné Poulin, candidate in Granby, Mathieu Morin, candidate in Saint-François and many supporters of the Green Party of Quebec! 😎😉🏳️🌈 Plus tôt aujourd’hui je me suis rendu devant le bureau de Michelle Blanc pour revendiquer son retrait à titre de…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 31, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Announces Province Wide Greenhouse Program

Today we announced our National Greenhouse Program! The Green Party of Quebec proposes: ✅ The creation of public and self-managed greenhouses across Quebec. ✅ To offer free electricity to public greenhouses to produce healthy food at low cost without relying on imports. ✅ To fight against capitalism in the food system by producing quality food locally in public greenhouses. ✅ To contribute to the creation of vibrant communities and to fight isolation by involving people […]

Alex Tyrrell Takes Stand Against Air Pollution With Green Candidates

Announcement of the Green Party of Quebec’s platform to reduce air pollution in urban centres across Quebec with candidates Stephanie Rochemont, Valérie Fortier and Alain Joseph. Combattons la pollution de l’air ensemble! Annonce de ce matin au Métro Mont-Royal: by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, August 30, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Announces Policies For Fossil Fuel Industry in Quebec

Today I was in Montreal East with Valérie Fortier to announce some policies of the Green Party of Quebec regarding the fight against the oil industry. We propose: A carbon tax of $200 per ton of CO2 ($0.46 per liter of gasoline) Free public transit and several strong projects Replacing fossil fuels in the heating sector with electricity A moratorium on all new petroleum infrastructure in Quebec (pipelines, drilling, rafting, etc.). Inclusion of the right […]

Alex Tyrrell Criticizes Quebec Solidaire’s Environmental Program

Québec Solidaire is on the wrong track by opposing the carbon tax Today, QS announced its plan to combat emissions from the transportation sector. Unfortunately, this plan does not propose anything concrete for the next mandate other than a continuation of the QLP’s policies, through the payment of millions of dollars in subsidies to the automobile industry for the construction of electric vehicles. It is a wonderful goal to imagine a Quebec in 2040 free […]

Alex Tyrrell, Sherbrooke Candidates Announce Support For High Speed Rail

Alex Tyrrell announces plans for high speed trains across Quebec with transportation expert Kiberley Salt and local Sherbrooke candidates Marie-Maud Coté Rouleau and Mathieu Morin.  

Alex Tyrrell Marches in Sherbrooke Pride Parade With Green Candidates

Excellent day at the Sherbrooke gay parade in the company of Dodier Sylvain, candidate in Mégantic, Daphné Poulin, candidate in Granby, Mathieu Morin, candidate in Saint-François and many supporters of the Green Party of Quebec!! 😎😉🏳️🌈 Excellente journée à la parade gai de Sherbrooke en compagnie de Dodier Sylvain, candidat dans Mégantic, Daphné Poulin,…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, August 25, 2018 Posted by Sylvain Dodier – Politique on Sunday, August 26, 2018 Le chef du Parti […]

Alex Tyrrell Launches 2018 Provincial Election Campaign in Montreal

Many thanks to the 25 candidates who participated in the campaign launch tonight in Montreal! 😎✌️💚 We’re ready, we’re on the ground and together we’re going to change Quebec to match our ambitions! 💚 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 24, 2018 Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 24, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Announces Housing Strategy With Candidate Marieke Hassel Ahead of 2018 Election

Alex Tyrrell and candidate in the Bourget district Marieke Hassel announce the Green Party of Quebec’s platform for affordable housing, measures to calm gentrification and poverty reduction. En direct de la circonscription de Bourget avec notre candidate Marieke Hassell pour prendre position pour le droit au logement abordable, la construction de logements sociaux et la lutte contre l’embourgeoisement du quartier.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 24, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Launches Local Green Campaign in Quebec City Ahead of 2018 Election

Alex Tyrrell launches Quebec 2018 general election campaign in Quebec City with local candidates. Tomorrow he will be in Montreal to launch the provincial level campaign. Belle soirée de pré-lancement de campagne à Québec ce soir! Demain soir à Montréal nous lancerons officiellement la campagne 2018 du Parti Vert du Québec!!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, August 23, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Presents Green Party Candidate & Local Priorities In Saguenay

Alex Tyrrell presents local candidate in Chicoutimi for the 2018 Quebec general election and gives interviews to local media outlets. Local priorities include public transit and opposing the expansion of an aluminum tailings pond. Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 24, 2018 Excellente journée à Chicoutimi en compagnie de notre candidat Tommy Philippe!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, August 23, 2018 Petite pause entre l’annonce de notre candidat Tommy Philippe dans Chicoutimi et notre rassemblement […]

Alex Tyrrell Announces Measures For Coastline Protection During 2018 Election

Today, I was in Rimouski with Pierre-Luc Coulombe and Patricia Pilon to take a stand on the protection of marine environments and a scientific approach to shoreline protection in the region! A Green Government ✅ Will hold the government target to protect 10% of the marine territory of the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence by 2030 ✅ Will follow the recommendations of the study on shoreline protection conducted by the Université du […]

Alex Tyrrell Invites Quebec NDP Supporters To Join Greens Ahead of 2018 Election

Montreal – The Leader of the Green Party of Quebec wants to reach out to provincial NDP supporters for the October 1 election in an open letter Dear members and supporters of the NDPQ, I am writing this letter to you as the leader of the Green Party of Quebec, but also as a former federal NDP activist during Jack Layton’s time. Although we all believe in the diversity of voices in Quebec politics, we […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Hate Speech & Trash Radio in Quebec City

Today I was at the FM93 studios, not for an interview but rather to denounce their racist, Islamopbobic, sexist and homophobic comments. Trash radio stations in Quebec are a nuisance to our society and to our living together. They generate profits by constantly attacking minorities and marginalized people, and it is time for this to stop. Radio waves are public spaces. There is no reason why our governments should tolerate this kind of discourse. I […]

Alex Tyrrell, Élisabeth Grégoire Announce Support For Anti-Catcalling Law

Today Élisabeth Grégoire and I held a press conference to announce our policy against catcalling and street harassment in Quebec. We are proposing the adoption of a new provincial law that prohibits street harassment by imposing fines on offenders. While a law against street harassment (cat calling) will not solve all the problems, it is still an important step to take to change habits and fight against the culture of rape. This is more than […]

Alex Tyrrell, Daydree Vendette Call For Environmental Police Force, Denounce Polluter Bailout

Live from the Anacolor paint factory in Cap-Rouge with our candidate Daydree Vendette calling for the implementation of an environmental police force! We are also reaffirming our opposition to the $9 million bailout of this delinquent and highly polluting corporation who could not care less about the health and well-being of local residents! Live from the Anacolor paint factory in Cap-Rouge with our candidate Daydree Vendette calling for the implementation of an environmental police force! We are […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents Platform For Democratic Reform in 2018 Quebec Election

Alex Tyrrell announces Green Party proposals for democratic reform in front of Quebec’s national assembly. Proposals include giving seats to first nations, implementing proportional representation and various democratic reforms. Live from the National Assembly taking a stand for proportional representation !! ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, August 20, 2018 En direct de l’Assemblée nationale pour revendiquer un mode de scrutin proportionnelle mixte compensatoire pour que chaque voix compte! Mouvement démocratie nouvelle (MDN)Posted by Parti […]

Alex Tyrrell Pokes Fun At Quebec Solidaire’s Campaign Bus

Even though we do not have the same financial resources as Québec Solidaire, the Green Party of Quebec is touring Quebec to support our candidates and reach out to voters. ✅ 😎 Rather than wrapping a bus for our tour we repaired the holes and rust on this old compact car 😂😂 Bien que nous n’avons pas les mêmes ressources financières que Québec Solidaire, le Parti Vert du Québec fait tout de…Posted by Alex Tyrrell […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Moratorium On Development of Agricultural Land

Press conference in an agricultural field in Quebec City to support a moratorium on the dezoning of farmland with the environmental group Voix citoyenne! There is increasing pressure to develop high quality agricultural land into residential units. Conférence de presse dans un champ agricole de la Ville de Québec pour appuyer un moratoire sur le dézonage des terres agricoles en compagnie du groupe écologiste Voix citoyenne!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, August 20, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Marches In Pride Parade With Provincial Candidates & Elizabeth May

In a rare joint public appearance Alex Tyrrell and Elizabeth May march together in the 2018 Montreal Pride parade along with dozens of Green Party of Québec candidates and supporters. "Ce fut un véritable plaisir de marcher pour l’égalité dans le défilé de la Fierté MTL en compagnie du Premier Ministre…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, August 20, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Decriminalization Of All Drugs

Alex Tyrrell and Stephanie Stevenson present Green Party platform on drugs and addictions outside of a safe injection site. The party is calling for the decriminalization of all drugs and more funding for harm reduction. Live from a safe injection site in Montreal called Dopamine to take a stand for the décriminalisation of all drugs as well as more resources to fight addictions and the opioid crisis.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, August 18, 2018 […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Protection Of Technoparc Wetlands in Montreal

Today I visited the Technoparc Wetlands with Halimatou Bah, our candidate in Saint-Laurent and Joël Coutu, an activist who has been campaigning for the protection of this unique place on the island of Montreal for many years! Here are the proposals of the Green Party of Quebec in the file: ✅The recognition of the exceptional ecological value of the site by the provincial government ✅ Immediately repair the damage caused by road and dike construction […]

Alex Tyrrell, Green Candidates Protest Exclusion From Leaders Debate 2018 Quebec Election

Thank you to all those who supported us during the demonstration against our exclusion from the “youth dialogue” between the leaders of the four old political parties of Quebec! Three-quarters of the Green Party candidates are young people. The decision of the New World Institute to exclude us is ridiculous, hypocritical and incomprehensible. Through this campaign, we will continue to take our place in the public debate! In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits Open Pit Gold Mine in Malartic, QC, Calls For Massive Increase in Royalties

Live from the Canadian Malartic gold mine to take a stand for increased royalties, stronger environmental regulations and to support local residents who are fighting for their right to a clean environment! ✅ Live from the Canadian Malartic gold mine to take a stand for increased royalties, stronger environmental regulations and to support local residents who are fighting for their right to a clean environment! ✅Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, August 16, 2018 French: En […]

Alex Tyrrell Tours Western Quebec Ahead Of 2018 Provincial Election

It’s official! In 12 days Quebec will be in an election campaign! During this election the Green Party of Quebec will be better represented than ever, with a team of great candidates from all regions! Between now and the election, I will be touring Quebec with campaign announcements planned in Gatineau, Pontiac, Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Montreal, Quebec City, Matane, Chicoutimi and Beauceville! More details will follow! Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Quebec Excellente article […]

Alex Tyrrell Reiterates Opposition To Chalk River Nuclear Dump

Announcement: The Green Party of Quebec is opposed to the construction of a nuclear waste storage site just one km away from the Ottawa River. This project has the potential to contaminate the drinking water of Gatineau, Ottawa and Montreal for thousands of years to come. The private for profit nuclear waste management consortium needs to find a more appropriate and safer place to store this huge pile of nuclear waste. Alex Tyrrell Leader of […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Federalism & Green Politics with Radio-Canada host Michel C. Auger

Alex Tyrrell appeared on one of the most listened to CBC Radio shows during the 2018 Quebec General election to discuss the party’s platform, progressive federalism and a range of important campaign issues. J’étais de passage à l’émission Midi info pour une entrevue avec Michel Auger plutôt aujourd'hui!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, August 17, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Announces Active Transit Program

Today we announced the Green Party of Quebec’s proposals to improve access to active transport across Quebec! Our plan includes: ✅ Car-free zones in Québec’s 30 largest cities ✅ Free bike-sharing services for the entire urban population! ✅ $ 250 million per year for the construction of cycle infrastructure ✅ $ 100 million per year to make intersections safer for pedestrians and cyclists ✅ A target of zero deaths or serious injuries for active transport through Quebec. Investment in active […]

Alex Tyrrell Signs Nomination Papers For First 75 Candidates Ahead of 2018 Election

Today I had the pleasure of signing the letters of authorization for 75 Green Party of Quebec candidates to run for office! I can’t tell you how proud I am of our team of candidates. They are dynamic and passionate people who are making the leap into politics to build Quebec’s future and I am very proud to be able to work alongside them to make our message heard in all regions! Together, there is […]

Alex Tyrrell Proposes +$200/tonne Carbon Tax

Today we announced our carbon tax policy for Quebec! Our plan would establish the carbon tax at $200 per tonne in 2019 and increase it by $ 40 per tonne annually. Our plan includes a compensation mechanism in order to ensure that families and people who live in rural communities are not penalised. Each resident of Quebec will receive a carbon tax exemption for a variable number of litres of gasoline per month. The magnatude […]

Alex Tyrrell Unveils Green’s Plan To Ban Single Use Cups, Replace With Exchange Program

I will be on CBC Montreal News at 6:00 as well as Global News Montreal discussing the Green Party of Québec’s plan to ban single use coffee cups and replacing them with a deposit-return program. Under our plan, all coffee shops would be forced to use a universal cup. People could therefore return the cups to any location. This plan protects the convenience of being able to spontaneously buy coffee without having to remember to […]

Alex Tyrrell Reiterates Call For Trudeau To Cancel Saudi Arabian Arms Contract

Given the recent developments with respect to Saudi Arabia I reiterate my call on Justin Trudeau to cancel the sale of Canadian-made tanks to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a country that literally stones homosexuals to death just for being who they are. How can a country such as Canada sell weapons to such a regime while claiming to defend human rights and the LGBTQ+ community? The time for action is now. Justin Trudeau and […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Environment Minister To Oppose Oil Drilling in Lakes & Rivers

Today, I went to the office of Minister Isabelle Melançon, also a candidate in Verdun, to denounce her complicity in the Quebec government’s decision to allow oil drilling in Quebec’s lakes and rivers. A responsible society cannot tolerate such acts that go against the interests of citizens. We urge the Minister to assume her responsibilities and denounce the pro-oil policies of her administration, which continues to pay $300 million per year in subsidies to the […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Constitutional Reform, Presents Candidates Patricia Pilon & Roger Fleury

Today I am in Gatineau to announce the candidacies of Patricia Pilon in Hull and Roger Fleury in Pontiac as well as the three main constitutional demands of the Green Party of Quebec! Any constitutional reform should recognize First Nations governments, give a veto to provinces that wish to block projects such as oil pipelines and enshrine the right to a healthy environment in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out On Recycling Crisis

In the face of the recycling crisis, we must act! This morning I visited the ecocentre of Saint-Michel, in Montreal, where tons of recycled materials continue to accumulate every day. This situation is not unique. 27 other sorting centres in Quebec have the same conditions since China decided to close its borders to imports of recyclable materials by imposing demanding criteria. So far 60 % of our recovered materials were mainly shipped to this country. […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits Derailment Site, Calls Out Government For Lax Safety Standards

This morning I visited the site of the Saint-Polycape oil train derailment. While we are lucky that there were no deaths or injuries, this is the sixth train derailment on main tracks in Quebec since the beginning of the year. This plague of train derailments is nothing short of a pattern; à pattern provoked by lax safety standards, industrial deregulation and savage capitalism. Yesterday, Quebec’s minister of Public Safety declared at the site that Canadian […]

Alex Tyrrell Stands Up For Victims Of Heat Stroke

Live from the Verdun General Hospital to denounce the extreme temperatures in patient rooms. Everyone should be able to get quality healthcare without having to brave extreme heat! Live from the Verdun General Hospital to denounce the extreme temperatures in patient rooms. Everyone should be able to get quality healthcare without having to brave extreme heat!Français: by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, July 5, 2018 In french: Alex Tyrrell en direct devant l’hôpital général de […]

Alex Tyrrell On CBC Calling For New Environmental Police Force

I was on CBC Daybreak Montreal this morning talking about the need for a new environmental police force, contaminated soil being dumped on agricultural land and the need to hold environmental criminals to account! I was on CBC Montreal last night calling for a new provincial police force that would be specialized in environmental investigations. The decision of the DPCP not to press charges against people who dumped thousands of truck loads of toxic soil […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls On Montreal Police To Use Deescalation In Protest Confrontations

Alex Tyrrell speaks in the Montreal City Council chamber at the Public Safety Commission meeting called for the purpose of examining police interventions in Montreal protests. He condemns the excessive use of force by the Montreal police and calls on the police to use deescalation rather than violence. Voici mon intervention lors de la séance de la Comission de la sécurité publique de Montréal pour dénoncer la militarisation de la police ainsi que pour plaider […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against Separation Of Families At Border and in First Nations

Alex Tyrrell takes a stand against the separation of families at the Canadian border and in first nations communities. He made the announcement in front of an immigration prison facility in Laval, Québec. Taking a stand against the separation of families in the Canadian immigration system and in First Nation’s communities across Quebec.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, June 21, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Launches His Local Campaign In Verdun District

Today I announced my candidacy in the Verdun-Nun’s Island district! 😎✊✅ I am running in Verdun-Nun’s-Island to become the first Green Party member of Quebec’s national assembly.Verdun is an area which I know well, that is rich in diversity and that is ready for change. It is also the riding of the minister of the environment, Isabelle Melançon. While I have a great deal of respect for Ms Melançon her record as minister of the environment […]

Alex Tyrrell, Local Green Candidate Call For Better Health Services

From Green Party leader Alex Tyrrell with the candidate in Saint-Jérôme, Annabelle Desrochers. Sitting behind her Green Party lectern on the lawn of the Saint-Jérôme hospital, in front of the emergency entrance, candidate Annabelle Desrochers makes a sad assessment. “The problem with the Saint-Jérôme hospital is much more than an overflowing emergency room. It’s an outdated facility, inadequate for its current clientele, staffed by personnel on the verge of exhaustion who have to deal […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Mike Shriner On Election Win In Ontario

Tonight is election night in Ontario and I would like to take a moment to congratulate Green Party of Ontario leader Mike Schreiner on his excellent campaign at both the provincial level and in the district of Guelph where he has a good chance of being the first Green Party candidate elected in Ontario provincial politics! Mike’s campaign focused on the need to do politics differently changing the status quo and bringing much needed honesty to Ontario provincial politics. […]

Alex Tyrrell, Alice Sécheresse React To Kinder Morgan Bailout

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec candidate Alice Sécheresse react to the announcement that the federal government will bailout Trans Mountain pipeline by purchasing it. Quebec is in solidarity with BC! Reaction to the federal government’s bailout of Kinder Morgan!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, May 29, 2018   Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Alex Tyrrell, Green Candidates Protest Kinder Morgan Pipeline In Montreal

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party of Quebec candidates protest the Kinder Morgan Pipeline in Montreal and declare their solidarity with British Columbians. The party believes that provinces should have the right to block such projects. Manif contre Kinder Morgan!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, May 27, 2018 En direct de la manif contre Kinder Morgan!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, May 27, 2018 Contingent du Parti Vert à la manif contre Kinder Morgan à Montréal!!#QuebecSupportsBC #StopKinderMorganPosted by […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Banning Sigle Use Plastic On Global News

I was on Global News Montréal last night commenting on the need to take concrete action to ban single use plastics in Canada! The time to act is now. Governments need to take action. Video:   I was on Global News Montréal last night commenting on the need to take concrete action to ban single use plastics in Canada! Video: by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Signs Historic Agreement On Proportional Representation With Opposition Parties

Today I signed an historic agreement on proportional representation with the leaders of the three opposition parties at the National Assembly; Francois Legault of the CAQ, Jean-Francois Liseé of the PQ and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Quebec Solidaire. This is a great day! We now have a clear consensus amongst the four major opposition parties that favours proportional representation. It has been a pleasure to contribute to these negotiations over the past four years and this […]

Alex Tyrrell, Green Party Candidates Call For Disarmament Of Police

I was on CTV Montreal News at 11:00 last night calling for the progressive withdrawal of firearms from police officers on patrol in Québec. There have been too many deaths of people with mental illness who are shot in the chest for doing things like holding knives while in crisis. Police training should focus on deescalation and interventions that do not involve lethal force. It’s time to rethink how we do community policing I was […]

Alex Tyrrell, Green Party Members Speak Out Against Discrimination

Systemic racism and discrimination in employment does exist in Quebec. It is up to all political parties to propose solutions to ensure equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their ethnic origin. Quebec still needs the Commission on Systemic Racism, which the Liberals cancelled in the face of unfounded, racist criticism from the PQ and the CAQ.   Aziza Dini, militante du Parti Vert du Québec réplique à Jean-Francois Lisée à propos de sa « […]

Alex Tyrrell Addresses Police Brutality, Rubber Bullets At Public Safety Commission Hearing – Montreal

Alex Tyrrell speaks in the Montreal City Council chamber at a Public Safety Commission hearing called to discuss the use of rubber bullets by the Montreal Police. Alex Tyrrell called for a end to the use of rubber bullets as they can be lethal. Cette après-midi je suis intervenue auprès de la Commission de la sécurité publique de Montréal afin de réclamer le bannissement de l'utilisation des balles de plastique par le SPVM lors de […]

Alex Tyrrell Takes On PQ and Quebec Solidaire In Debate On Quebec Independence

Alex Tyrrell debates Quebec independence against a MNA from the Parti Québecois and Sol Zanetti, the leader of Option Nationale at the CEGEP du Vieux Montreal. En direct du CÉGEP du Vieux Montréal pour débattre de l’indépendance du Québec avec Sol Zanetti de Québec Solidaire et Alain Therrien, député du Parti Québécois.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, April 5, 2018  

Alex Tyrrell Debates Quebec Independence at Event Organized by The Bloc Québecois

At an event organized by the Bloc Québecois, Alex Tyrrell and Conservative MP Alupa Clark defended federalism from a left and right wing perspectives, respectively. They faced off against Viviane Martinova who is now with Quebec Solidaire and Simon-Pierre Savard-Tremblay of the Journal de Montreal who defended Québec independence. « Le chef du Parti Vert du Québec, Alex Tyrell, estime que, contrairement à certaines croyances, le Québec n’est pas…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, March 27, […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Protest Against Police Brutality in Montreal

Last night, I participated in the annual demonstration against police brutality. It is not surprising that with the lack of a true independent office of investigation into the work of police officers, the deaths of several citizens at the hands of police officers and the behaviour of intervention units during demonstrations, that social tensions between the community persist year after year and that people have been mobilizing for such an event for more than 20 […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks Contaminated Soil On CBC Montreal

I will be on CBC News Montreal this evening commenting on a story about organized crime illegally dumping toxic soil on agricultural lands and near water bodies in the Laurentians. The measures announced today by Québec and Montreal are a step in the right direction but will not correct the situation or make Montreal a leader in toxic soil management. Here I am asking why no one has been held accountable after years of investigations […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Autistic Children and Their Parents

I had some great conversations with parents of autistic children and adults today as they protested outside the office of Lucie Charlebois, the provincial Minister of Public Health. Many autistic people in Québec are not receiving adequate services from the provincial government. This afternoon I heard many stories of parents’ struggling to get access to basic services such as speech therapy, properly equipped group homes and basic medical care. There is also a major lack […]

Alex Tyrrell Attends Women’s Day Protest With Green Party Members

Alex Tyrrell and Green Party candidates attend Women’s Day protest in Montreal. The Green Party of Quebec is a feminist party. There is still a lot of work to be done in order to achieve gender equality in this province. En direct de la manif pour la journée internationale des femmes!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, March 8, 2018 Contingent du Parti Vert à la manif pour la journée internationale des femmes!Posted by Alex Tyrrell […]

Alex Tyrrell Publishes Video Of His 2013 Arrest At Protest Against Tuition Increases

On 19 March 2013, I was illegally and arbitrarily arrested, searched, handcuffed behind my back for hours and detained for almost 6 hours all for peacefully protesting the indexation of tuition fees imposed by the Parti Québecois government. Today, five years later, the court of appeal has just confirmed that the Montreal by-law under which we were arrested is unconstitutional. Article 1 of Montreal by-law P6 attempted to require demonstrators to identify an organizer, provide […]

As Governments Attempt To Negotiate Favorable Terms For Aluminum Industry Alex Tyrrell Points Out Environmental Problems

At a time when Prime Ministers Trudeau and Couillard are defending the aluminum industry at all costs against U.S. border tariffs, let us not forget the environmental impact of this industry on our environment. Here is a picture of the bauxite dump (effluent from the aluminum refining process) in Saguenay. More info: and Au moment où les premiers ministres Trudeau et Couillard défendent à tout prix l’industrie de l’aluminium contre les…Posted by Alex […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Restigouche Southeast and Mayor François Boulay On Victory Against Gastem

I would like to offer my most sincere congratulations to François Boulay and the municipality of Restigouche Southeast for their landslide victory over Gastem oil. In January 2013, this small Gaspesian municipality of 157 inhabitants adopted a bylaw that prohibited oil drilling within 2km of drinking water sources. The deregulation of the oil industry by the QLP and PQ governments forced it to implement concrete actions to protect the local population. Subsequently, the oil company […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents 5 Candidates For Sherbrooke Area

Photos of our campaign launch in Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships last Thursday! We have a wonderful team of candidates! Thank you to all those who participated in this first regional launch of the Green Party of Québec campaign for this fall’s general election! Photos of our campaign launch in Sherbrooke and the Eastern Townships last Thursday!We have a wonderful team of…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 Sale comble pour les lancement de […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents 10 More Candidates Ahead Of 2018 Election

Very proud to present 10 more candidates for the Green Party of Québec ahead of the 2018 general election! Click on the pictures for bios of our candidates! Very proud to present 10 more candidates for the Green Party of Québec ahead of the 2018 general election!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Alex Tyrrell, Quebec Greens Endorse Campaign Against Police Use Of Rubber Bullets, Stun Grenades

Today I am announcing the Green Party of Québec’s support for the campaign « Manifester Sans Peur » (Protesting Without Fear) which aims at baning rubber bullets and stun grenades from protests. These two types of weapons classified as “sub lethal” are part of the police crowd control arsenal throughout Quebec and are frequently used against crowds of demonstrators. Many young people have been subjected to serious injuries as a result of these weapons. Last […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls Out Catherine Mckenna For Attending Enbridge BBQ

If only we had a minister of the environment that would appear at BBQs organized by environmental groups rather than putting on an Embridge company apron and supporting the very same pipeline company we are fighting. If only we had a minister of the environment that would appear at BBQs organized by environmental groups rather than…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, February 11, 2018

Alex Tyrrell Calls Out Justin Trudeau for Leveraging Ocean Protection For Pipeline Expansions

Trudeau says he will only invest in ocean protection if it is part of a public relations effort to push tar sands pipelines forward. You cant do both Justin! Either you are going to stand up and protect the BC coast from oil spills by taking a stance against pipelines and super tankers or you are going to make major environmental sacrifices on behalf of all Canadians so that the Alberta Government can attempt to […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out After Special Constable Shoots Young Man In The Head Inside Maniwaki Courthouse

I am deeply saddened by what happened today at the Maniwaki courthouse; a special constable shot a young man who was resisting arrest in the head. The special constable in question was not alone. He was accompanied by at least four of his colleagues who were perfectly capable of controlling the individual without using a firearm. The Independent Investigation Office is on site, but I can already tell you that special constables are not sufficiently […]

Alex Tyrrell: Let’s Talk Mental Health

– Let’s Talk Mental Health – Today, many of us are talking about mental health because of an advertising campaign financed by the private sector. In Quebec, many people simply do not have access to mental health care. Waiting lists are long, there are few professionals available and the Liberal government’s austerity measures have only made matters worse since they assumed office in 2014. Mental Health is a human reality that is capable of affecting […]

Statement From Alex Tyrrell On Anniversary Of Quebec City Mosque Shooting

Photo: RYAN REMIORZ / THE CANADIAN PRESS – Anniversary of the Quebec City Mosque Shooting – A year ago today Muslim community of Québec city was the victim of a terrorist act that was carried out by a young man who was a supporter of right wing nationalism and identity groups. This tragedy saddened Quebec, Canada and the world. Violence of this magnitude had almost never been seen before in Québec. In the days following the attack, […]

Alex Tyrrell Proposes Provincial Law Against Cat Calling

A law against catcalling? Friends, the Green Party of Québec is updating our social justice and women’s rights program. One of the propositions that we are currently studying is the possibility of calling for a law against sexual harassment in the street otherwise known as catcalling. Personally I support it. I think that it is ridiculous that men can yell sexual comments at women in the street whom they do not know and who are […]

Alex Tyrrell Participates In Discussion On Ecosocialism Organized By Fightback

Just got back from a great discussion on eco-socialism this evening at Concordia. Many interesting ideas were discussed including the need to roll back over consumption and corporate greed in order to avoid catastrophic environmental damage. Thanks to the Fightback Socialist Student Association as well as the Geography Undergrad Student Society for organizing this event. In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Québec Just got back from a great discussion on eco-socialism […]

Alex Tyrrell reacts to the election of the Quebec NDP leader; a disappointing shift towards the centre

On January 21, the Quebec NDP members elected Raphaël Fortin as their leader. “While we wish Mr. Fortin the best of luck, we note with disappointment that he is more interested in the centre than in the left of Quebec politics,” said Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec. The new leader of the NDPQ opposes the $15 minimum wage, “It’s quite surprising to see a party that presents itself as progressive opposing, […]

Alex Tyrrell Presents First 15 Candidates for 2018 Quebec Election

In a show of force Alex Tyrrell announced the Green Party of Quebec’s first 15 candidates ten months ahead of the 2018 Quebec general election campaign. The party will continue recruiting candidates over the coming months. Click on the photos for candidate bios. Rencontrez les 15 premiers candidats du Parti Vert du Québec pour l’élection provinciale de 2018 !Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, January 26, 2018 Article à propos d'Adis Simidzija, candidat du Parti […]

Alex Tyrrell Gives Feature End Of Year Interview

Alex Tyrrell discusses the Green Party of Quebec, recent current events and the party’s preparations for the 2018 election campaign which is less than a year away. Check out my year end interview with Valérie Dussault at Québec Green Party HQ 🙂Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, December 28, 2017

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Protest Against Destruction of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard Landscape

It was a pleasure to speak at the demonstration in front of Hydro-Québec’s head office today with residents of Saint-Adolphe-d’Howard and Dollard-des-Ormeaux who are opposed to the destruction of landscapes, forests and residential neighbourhoods by the installation of areal high tension power lines. These high-tension wires should be buried in order to preserve our environment and landscapes (including mountain peeks) and our residential neighbourhoods! In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Quebec Green party

Alex Tyrrell Protests Oil Drilling in Front Of National Assembly

Alex Tyrrell took part in a protest outside of Quebec’s National Assembly calling on the government to oppose all new fossil fuel extraction and exploration projects in the province. Je serai devant l'Assemblée nationale demain afin de manifester contre le pétrole, les forages et la fracturation hydraulique !Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, December 4, 2017  

Alex Tyrrell Thanks Environment Minister For Agreeing To Review of Mont-Wright Mine

Very pleased to have received confirmation that the Minister of the Environment, Isabelle Melançon, will mandate BAPE to study the construction of new process water and sedimentation basins at the Mont-Wright mine in Fermont. If the project goes ahead, it could cost us “the destruction of 11 lakes, 15 ponds and 25 streams, causing a loss of fish habitat over an area of 104 ha and the encroachment of 205.9 ha of wetlands,” according to […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates New Icelandic PM: Green Party’s Katrín Jakobsdóttir

Congratulations to Iceland’s new Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, leader of the Icelandic Left-Green Party! Ms Jakobsdóttir now leads a coalition government composed of her party, the Independence Party and the Progressive Party. I wish her the best of luck in cleaning up Icelandic politics following a series of right wing scandals! In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Québec More info: Congratulations to Iceland's new Prime Minister Katrín Jakobsdóttir, leader of the Icelandic […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For Restorative Justice in Cannabis Legalization

Live to discuss the Green Party of Quebec’s position on the legalization of cannabis. Small and medium sized businesses should have the right to start up cannabis production and distribution businesses after obtaining a permit rather than the government monopoly proposed by the Quebec National Assembly. A regulated, but not over-regulated industry in which citizens have the right to grow their own product. The legalization of establishments where cannabis could be consumed with food. These […]

Alex Tyrrell Slams Pro Gun Lobby For Planing To Protest Shooting Memorial

As a survivor of the shooting at Dawson College, I strongly deplore the holding of a pro-firearms demonstration at the memorial in front of École polytechnique, named la place du 6 décembre. This memorial exists to commemorate the 14 women who were murdered at École Polytechnique in 1989. The fight for the control of firearms is far from over. It is still possible in this country to obtain a semi-automatic weapon without having to disclose […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates Mayor Valérie Plante on Winning Election

Today marks the beginning of a new era for the city of Montreal. The election of Valérie Plante and Project Montreal candidates is a huge step forward for the metropolis and for Quebec society. I would like to offer them my most sincere congratulations! For the first time in my life, I am witnessing a progressive administration with the integrity and desire to make our city more modern, more equal and much more environmentally friendly; […]

Alex Tyrrell Endorses Valerie Plante in Montreal Mayoral Race

It is with great optimism that I announce my support for Valérie Plante of Projet Montreal as mayor of Montreal! Valérie Plante proposes a bold project for Montreal ; a progressive alternative to the status quo; a progressive vision that will enable us to build a greener, more inclusive and fairer city while bring much needed integrity back to city hall. Valérie Plante is not afraid of taking a stand to protect the environment and […]

Alex Tyrrell Embarks on Provincial Tour For Proportional Representation

Alex Tyrrell took part in a tour of Quebec to discuss proportional representation with Movement Nouvelle Democracie and members of other provincial political parties. On the tour Alex Tyrrell focused on the importance of having a system that is truly proportional. Première journée de la tournée du Movement Démocratie Nouvelle pour la réforme du mode de scrutin!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, October 21, 2017 C’était un plaisir de participer au deuxième arrêt de la tournée […]

Alex Tyrrell Appears in Documentary “Quebec 4 Palestine”

Very happy to be featured in the new documentary Québec 4 Palestine! My interview starts at 13:35 discussing the Green Party of Québec’s support for BDS, the current climate unconditional support for the Israeli government in Canadian politics and the need to move towards a more balanced foreign policy in the middle east.

Alex Tyrrell Condemns Quebec Law That Bans Niqab, Face Coverings On Public Transit

It is highly unfortunate that the Liberal Party of Québec has chosen to give into Islamophobia and right-wing nationalism by suggesting that the Niqab should be banned from public transit. The Green Party of Québec is the only provincial party that will continue to defend individual rights and freedoms within Québec society. There is absolutely no need for a state-imposed dress code on anybody. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Québec It is […]

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns in Louis-Hebert By-Election

This morning I am in Quebec City to announce that I will be a candidate in the October 2nd by-election in Louis-Hébert! In this election, voters will have the choice to vote for a parliamentarian of integrity. The priorities of my campaign are to take concrete actions to counter the rise of the extreme right, such as enforcing laws against hate propaganda, fighting against oil sands and hydraulic fracturing, as well as free public transit […]

Far Right Group Invited To Environmental Protest; Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out, Cancels Speech

I will not be speaking at the anti-oil demonstration scheduled for this Saturday afternoon in Quebec City. I took this decision in order to send a clear and precise message: racists, extreme right-wing groups and islamophobes are not welcome in the Quebec environmental movement. This demonstration, aimed at opposing the bill on hydrocarbons, took a particular turn when the extreme right-wing group that demonstrated against refugees last week invited itself to the demonstration. Despite numerous […]

Alex Tyrrell On Quebec Solidaire & Option Nationale Merger; Progressive Federalists Should Join Greens

– Merger Between Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale – Message to the 40 % of Quebec Solidaire voters who are opposed to Québec independence and who are disappointed with the merger between Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale that was just announced; you are more than welcome to the green party of Quebec! We are a leftist, eco-Socialist, multicultural and feminist party that presents a comprehensive programme. If a Green Party of Québec government is elected […]

Alex Tyrrell Says Political Establishment is Incoherent in Anti Mask Law Debate

Members of the National Assembly have reopened the debate on the right to demonstrate with a mask. Here are a few facts: 1) In winter in Quebec, wearing a face covering is not out of the ordinary. Even the police wear them during demonstrations. Debates and the adoption of anti-mask laws are always held in the summer. 2) There are plenty of reasons why a person who is peacefully demonstrating would not want to have […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks About Environmental Issues & Conflict Resolution at Dawson College

Live from Dawson College for my presentation on environmental issues and conflict resolution! It was great to meet and exchange with students and to be back at Dawson where I completed my degree in Mechanical engineering technology. Live from Dawson College for my presentation on environmental issues and conflict resolution!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Alex Tyrrell Spends 2 Nights At Anti-Oil Drilling Camp near Gaspé, Quebec

I’m on my way to Gaspésie to join the solidarity camp against the activities of the oil company Junex! Within the next few weeks, Junex and a government fund for the development of NON RENEWABLE resources (named Resources Québec) are getting ready to drill the Galt 6 well potentially requiring hydraulic fracturing. The oil company recently received generous compensation of $5.5 million from the Couillard government, which chose to protect Anticosti Island and cancel the […]

Alex Tyrrell Blasts PQ Leader Over Comments on Asylum Seekers

Today the leader of the official opposition in Quebec City reached a new low by suggesting that offering minimal financial assistance of last resort to migrants awaiting decisions would prevent the Quebec government from offering a second bath a week to residents of CHSLDs. First, the Parti Québécois is an austerity party. In power in 2013, they cut social services and chose to renege on their promises to, for example, increase mining royalties. The PQ […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Flotilla Protest Against Chalk River Nuclear Dump

Demonstration against the proposed nuclear waste dump project at a site one kilometre from the Ottawa River. If the project goes ahead, the portable water of thousands of Quebecers and Ontarians will be at risk of long-term contamination. Live from the flotilla in protest of the Chalk River Nuclear dump!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Sunday, August 6, 2017 Manifestation contre le projet de dépotoir de déchet nucléaire proposé pour un site à un kilomètre de […]

Alex Tyrrell, Quebec Greens Organize Information Night on Chalk River Nuclear Storage Dump Proposal

Alex Tyrrell and Quebec Greens organize information session about the proposed construction of a nuclear waste dump just 1km from the Ottawa River. The Green Party opposes the storage facility because the risk level is too high. Conference on the Chalk River nuclear dump project / Conférence sur le projet de dépotoir nucléaire de Chalk RiverPosted by Alex Tyrrell on Thursday, August 3, 2017 Soirée d'information jeudi à Gatineau à propos du dépotoir de déchets […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Compensation and Formal Apology to Child Soldier Omar Khadr

I strongly support the federal government’s decision to offer compensation and a formal apology to child soldier Omar Khadr. M. Khadr was tortured by the US government at the Guantanamo Bay for 10 years. During this period, the Harper government was complicit in his torture and refused to protect his human rights despite widespread criticism. Under these circumstances the apology and compensation package are entirely appropriate. As canadian citizens we must ensure that our government […]

Canada 150: Alex Tyrrell Calls For Decolonization

As Canada marks 150 years since confederation there are still many problems with the country we call home. Canada is a colonial state built on unceded native land. Since the arrival of europeans in the 1500s our legacy towards the indigenous population has been shameful. We have stolen land. We have forcibly removed children from First Nations communities without their parent’s consent. We have undertaken deliberate efforts to destroy indigenous languages, cultures and society. We […]

Alex Tyrrell Endorses Environmental Activist Lisa Mintz For Montreal City Council

Very happy to announce my support for environmental activist Lisa Mintz who is running for the Projet Montreal nomination race in the Loyola district of NDG for city council! Lisa is the founder of a local environmental group named Sauvons La Falaise and has been very active in protecting green spaces on the island of Montreal. She brings new energy and passion to municipal politics in NDG and would make an excellent addition to Valérie Plante‘s team for […]

Alex Tyrrell Asks Philipe Couillard To Apologize For Linking Muslim Community To Terrorism

On Thursday, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard made inappropriate comments towards the Muslim community following a tragic act of violence in which a Quebecker stabbed an American police officer in Michigan. Following the attack, Mr. Couillard stated that all Muslims have a responsibility to condemn and prevent terrorist acts. Every member of society has a responsibility to prevent and condemn violent acts. This voluntary association of Islam and terrorism is unacceptable and merits a sincere apology from […]

Alex Tyrrell Marks 4 Years of Quebec Green Leadership, Vows To Continue Hard Work

Four years ago today I launched my campaign for the leadership of the Green Party of Québec! In the months that followed, I set out to meet as many members of the party as possible at events, on the phone and online. The main themes of my campaign were to unite the party around progressive ideas, to put an end to infighting and to put the organization to work on influencing the Quebec political scene. […]

Alex Tyrrell Receives Degree in Environmental Science From Concordia University

Alex Tyrrell received his B.Sc. in Environmental Science from Concordia University, a degree which he completed while simultaneously leading the Green Party of Quebec. While receiving the diploma he urged Concordia President to divest from fossil fuels. Great news! Tonight I received my diploma for a Bachelors of Environmental Science at Concordia University!Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Monday, June 5, 2017 Excellente nouvelle! Je viens tout juste de recevoir mon baccalauréat en Science de l'environnement de […]

Alex Tyrrell Opposes Development of Green Space in Pierrefonds, Presents at Public Consultations

Tonight I presented the Green Party of Quebec’s position against a mega real-estate project located on one of the island of Montreal’s largest green spaces in Pierrefonds Ouest. This project represents a major step backwards for the protection of natural spaces on the island of Montreal. To make matters worse, a large section of the area in question was flooded this spring along with hundreds of existing nearby homes. Instead of destroying the Pierrefonds Ouest […]

Alex Tyrrell Campaigns in Gouin By-Election

Thank you to all the voters in Gouin who voted for me in today’s by-election! We are very pleased with the results. We have shown that our party is growing and that we are a major force in Quebec politics. I would also like to congratulate Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, the new MNA for Gouin! His election represents a step forward for the Quebec left! Thanks especially to our wonderful team of volunteers who have supported me […]

Alex Tyrrell Congratulates B.C. Greens On Election Wins

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to Andrew Weaver, Leader of the BC Green Party and each and every Green Party candidate who ran in British Columbia’s provincial election! Greens were able to make exceptional gains by electing 3 members to the legislative assembly; Sonia Furstenau in Cowichan Valley, Adam Olsen in Stanch North and the Islands and Andrew Weaver in Oak Bay – Gordon Head. The Greens increased their share of the […]

Alex Tyrrell Announces Candidacy in Gouin By-Election

Saturday, April 29, 11:00, Beaubien metro, Alex Tyrrell, leader of the Green Party of Quebec (PVQ) will announce his candidacy in Gouin. At the age of 29, he has just completed a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences at Concordia University. Elected GPQ leader at the age of 25, he is well acquainted with the student reality and was very involved in the 2012 student strike. “This by-election will be the first election since the party […]

Alex Tyrrell Completes Environmental Science Degree at Concordia University

Very happy to announce that I have just completed my LAST EXAM for my B.Sc in Environmental Science at Concordia University! Pursuing this degree while simultaneously leading the Green Party of Quebec has been a challenging but interesting and unique experience. Studying Environmental Science has made me acutely aware of the environmental challenges we face, the obstacles to progress and the urgent systemic change that needs to occur if we are to avert catastrophic climate […]

Alex Tyrrell, Quebec Greens Oppose Malartic Gold Mine Expansion

The Parti Vert du Québec denounces the upcoming expansion of the Canadian Malartic gold mine, which is likely to generate 10 times more noise than the BAPE recommends. Here is an issue where Philippe Couillard’s Liberal government is putting the private interests of a large company ahead of those of its citizens! (photo credit: Daniel Rompré) We denounce this expansion project which takes no account of the rights and claims of the residents of the […]

PCB Spill: Alex Tyrrell Reveals Point-Claire Pressured Health Official To Minimize Risk Analysis

This week, I called into question the credibility of Montreal public health official Monique Beausoleil. Ms. Beausoleil is Pointe-Claire’s go to experts on the health impacts of the PCB spill. On March 15 2016, she released a statement: on behalf of the government that said that there was no « serious » health risks for local workers. Shortly thereafter, Pointe-Claire director general sent her this email in which he applied pressure on the health authority to change […]

Alex Tyrrell Discusses Rural Care With Local Healthcare Worker

Live with Gigi Vaillancourt to discuss the terrible state of the Quebec healthcare system in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Quebec where a shortage of staff and poor working conditions have made preserving rural health services a challenge for the local population. Live with Gigi Vaillancourt to discuss the terrible state of the Quebec healthcare system in Abitibi-Témiscamingue.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Alex Tyrrell Debates Quebec Independence With Sovereignist Leader Sol Zanetti

It’s done! First debate on Quebec independence between me and Sol Zanetti, leader of Option Nationale at the CÉGEP de Rimouski! It was my first yes/no debate on Quebec independence and, to my great surprise, it was also Mr. Zanetti’s first time. It was therefore a historic moment! I sincerely believe that these yes/no debates are necessary in the current political climate. Debating these issues is in the interest of all Quebecers. In my opinion, […]

Alex Tyrrell Protests Animal Cruelty at for Profit Testing Facility

Animal rights demonstration in Baie-D’Urfé in the West Island of Montreal! The company in question, ITR tests animals of superior intelligence such as monkeys, pigs and dogs. In addition, several videos released earlier this week documented abusive behaviour on the part of employees. Very few people realize that animal testing, including for cosmetics, is still done in Canada, even though several countries have already stopped this practice. This industry is not capable of self-regulation, as […]

Alex Tyrrell Goes Public About Arrests During Student Movement in Front Page Article

From The Concordian: “I got arrested one time for P6 on May 22, 2012,” Tyrrell said. “That was immediately after they passed the special law.” The Montreal P6 bylaw had been imposed by then-Mayor of Montreal Gérald Tremblay in 2012 to counter student protesting. “You had to provide your itinerary before protesting, otherwise it would end in mass arrests,” Tyrrell said. On the day of Tyrrell’s arrest, each detainee was subjected to an invasive search, […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out Against New Israeli Law Which Banns BDS Supporters From Entering Country

The so called « only democracy in the middle east » has just passed a law banning #BDS activists from entering the country: The pre-condition for any healthy democracy is open and transparent debate. This travel ban is designed to oppress political expression. We will not be intimidated and will not give up the fight for Palestinian human rights despite this undemocratic, wrong headed and oppressive travel ban. In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With DG Of Saguenay Native Friendship Center

Excellent meeting with Gilles Routier, Interim Director of the Saguenay Native Friendship Centre! We discussed many issues, but more particularly the potential closure of the only off-reserve Aboriginal school in Quebec. This school offers a special program for Aboriginal students and parents, in order to maintain a significant link with their culture, traditions and community while living in an urban environment. The Green Party of Quebec calls on the Government of Quebec to intervene quickly […]

PCB Spill: Environment minister commits to testing of residential properties

From The Montreal Gazette  One year and five days after Quebec Environment Minister David Heurtel ordered the work be done, the report has landed on his desk. It contains the analysis of soil near a building in Pointe-Claire, which illegally stored polychlorinated biphenyls for at least 15 years. Tucked into the news release about the arrival of the report was Pointe-Claire Mayor Morris Trudeau’s announcement that the government has committed to testing soil on nearby […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With Environmental Groups in Saguenay Lac-Sain-Jean

Excellent meeting in Saguenay this morning with the various representatives and spokespersons of environmental groups from Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean along with Émilianne Lépine, Vincent J. Carbonneau and Nicholas Lescarbeau of the Green Party of Quebec. • Tommy Tremblay, Conseil régional de l’environnement et du développement durable du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (CREDD) • Simon Gagné, EUREKO • Stéphane Fortin, Centre alternatif de déplacement urbain du Saguenay (CADUS) • Marco Bondu, Organismes de bassins versants (OBV) Saguenay • Philippe Dumont, […]

Global News: Alex Tyrrell Calls For Release Of PCB Spill Test Results

I will be on Global News Montreal this evening to discuss the Pointe-Claire PCB spill and to call on the minister of environment, David Hurtel to release the soil contamination report he received last week. For the moment, this report is being kept secret. The public and local residents have the right to know if their living/work environments are safe. I was on Global News Montreal with Pointe-Claire resident Rean Seague this evening commenting on […]

Alex Calls For Resignation Of Liberal MNA Gerry Sklavounos Over Sexual Harassment Allegations & Response

I call for the immediate resignation of Gerry Sklavounos who refuses to apologize for sexual harassment. This man represents rape culture in the National Assembly and he must go. I call for the immediate resignation of Gerry Sklavounos who refuses to apologize for sexual harassment. This man represents rape culture in the National Assembly and he must go.Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Saturday, February 11, 2017 C'est une bonne nouvelle, mais je réitère ma position, qu'en […]

PCB Spill: Alex Tyrrell Speaks Out For Residents

I was at Pointe-Claire municipal council last night to press the mayor for action on the 2013 PCB spill. Unfortunately, this mayor is affiliated with the Liberal Party of Québec and refuses to criticize the provincial government mismanagement and negligence with respect to cleaning up this toxic oil spill. Rean Sayegh, her 18 month old daughter and husband live within 100 meters of the spill. The province refuses to carry out soil tests on her […]

Alex Tyrrell: Quebec’s mainstream politicians have helped fan flames of extremism

Last week, an act of terror at a Quebec City mosque awoke Canadians to the danger posed by an increasing number of ultra-nationalist, right-wing groups and individuals. How could a 27-year-old man obtain semi-automatic weapons and what would lead him to commit such a heinous act of terror against Quebec Muslims? While the mainstream media covered these events, very few outlets were willing to make link them to the highly-Islamophobic rhetoric coming out of mainstream […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls Out Politicians For Using Mosque Shooting As Reason To Accelerate Discriminatory Bills

Québec’s National Assembly is back in session and the first order of business for the opposition parties (including Québec Solidaire) is banning religious symbols. The members of the National Assembly are completely disconnected from the priorities of the population who are fed up with never-ending debates about state enforced dress codes. The timing is particularly offensive given that less than ten days have passed since the terrorist attack in Québec city that killed six members of […]

Trudeau Backtracks On Electoral Reform, Alex Tyrrell Says “Never Trust A Liberal”

As Trudeau backtracks on his pledge to reform the electoral system citing what he calls a « lack of consensus » Québec’s six opposition parties have signed a joint statement in favour of mixed member proportional representation. As Trudeau backtracks on his pledge to reform the electoral system citing what he calls a « lack of consensus » Québec's…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Wednesday, February 1, 2017 To those who were shocked about Justin Trudeau's flip […]

Alex Tyrrell Says Trump & Trudeau Are One And The Same on Pipeline Policy

– Trump, Trudeau and the Keystone XL Pipeline – As many of you know, Donald Trump just signed an executive order to speedup approval and construction of the Keystone XL pipeline project. How should we react to this news? During the 2015 federal election campaign, Justin Trudeau made it clear that he is a strong supporter of the Keystone XL pipeline and we could very well see him taking selfies with Trump over a backdrop […]

Alex Tyrrell Talks PCB Spill On Global News Montreal

I was on Global News this evening to comment on the ongoing PCB spill crisis in Pointe-Claire. One of the residents who was also interviewed for the segment says she is considering moving her family away from the site. Confidence in the provincial and municipal government’s handling of this toxic spill is at an all time low. I was on Global News this evening to comment on the ongoing PCB spill crisis in Pointe-Claire. One […]

Alex Tyrrell Slams PQ Leader For Saying Voting Green is Voting PQ

Contrary to the statements of the new leader of the PQ, a vote for the PQ is not a “green” vote. In fact, the opposite is true! Voting for the PQ is one of the best ways to make sure the Quebec environmental movement is margenilized. PQ MPs have no credibility when it comes to the environment. They supported oil development on Anticosti Island, super tankers on the St. Lawrence River and higher electricity rates […]

Alex Tyrrell Welcomes Obama’s Decision To Commute Chelsea Manning’s Sentence

It is great to hear that Obama has finally, commuted Chelsea manning’s sentence who will now be released from military prison in five months, rather than having to serve the 28 years remaining in her sentence. Nevertheless, Edward Snowden is still being forced to live in Russia and Julian Assange remains detained in the Ecuadorian embassy. Chelsea Manning has already served seven years in prison. Solidarity all who are still detailed for bringing much needed […]

Alex Tyrrell on Proportional Rep: Federal Parties Should Follow Quebec Lead on Pre Election Consensus Building

While the federal committee on electoral reform struggles to find consensus on what kind of democratic reform should be presented to Canadians, Quebec’s opposition parties are working together to come to a common proposition ahead of the next provincial election. In an unprecedented show of unity, representatives from the Green Party of Québec, Option Nationale, Québec Solidaire, the Parti Québécois and the Coalition Avenir Québec have signed an agreement on six principles that should form […]

Alex Tyrrell Signs Historic Agreement On Proportional Rep With Opposition MNAs

At Quebec’s National Assembly, Alex Tyrrell signed an agreement with representatives of the Coalition Avenir Québec, the Parti Québecois, Québec Solidaire and Option Nationale regarding implementing proportional representation. The six basic principles of the joint declaration signed by the parties state that a new voting system should: – Reflect the popular vote as much as possible – Ensure a meaningful link between voters and their elected representatives – Aim to respect the political weight of […]

Green Party of Quebec Doubles Support in Provincial By-Elections

Tonight, the Green Party of Quebec increased our share of the vote in all four provincial by-elections! We DOUBLED our score in Arthabaska and Verdun! In Saint-Jérôme we received 2% of the vote despite not having a candidate there in 2014. In Marie-Victorin we significantly increased our share of the vote! In all ridings, we beat the Option National party, despite their superior media coverage and financing. I would like to take this opportunity to […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With Fellow Provincial Green Leaders in Calgary

I had some excellent conversations with my fellow Provincial Green Party leaders this weekend in Calgary! From left to right in this picture we have Peter Bevan-Baker from PEI, myself from Quebec, Mike Schreiner from Ontario, Janet Keeping from Alberta, Shawn Setyo from Saskatchewan and James Beddome from Manitoba in the front. The real strength of the Canadian Green Movement lies in the provincial parties. Going forward we plan to work together on the many social and environmental issues that fall […]

BDS Debate: Alex Tyrrell Declares Victory, Says “Compromise” Equates To BDS Without Acronym

Great news from the Green Party of Canada’s special #BDS convention in Calgary, Alberta! The BDS policy was upheld by a super majority of almost 85%. Congratulations to Dimitri Lascaris, Lisa Barrett and all of the progressive members of the federal Green Party that stood up for human rights by presenting this resolution that has shattered the pro-Israel consensus in the Canadian House of Commons! The work to reunite the party following this period of vigorous debate begins now. In […]

Trans Mountain: Alex Tyrrell Slams Trudeau Over Threat Of Police, Military Intervention

The federal Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, says just announced that he is ready to deploy the police AND the military in order to crush anti #TransMountain pipeline protests. What’s next? Justin Trudeau taking selfies with Riot police? Is he going to wear the uniform? More info: The federal Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, says just announced that he is ready to deploy the police AND the…Posted by Alex Tyrrell on Friday, December 2, 2016

Alex Tyrrell Says Federal Greens Should Do More To Fight Racism Within Ranks

I have arrived in Calgary, Alberta ahead of the Green Party of Canada’s « special general meeting » that was called specifically to overturn the BDS resolution that was voted in by the membership at the party’s by-annual convention last August in Ottawa. The past few months have been a time of vigorous debate within the Canadian Green Movement. There have been many attempts to smear and marginalize the people and organizations who support BDS […]

Alex Tyrrell Endorses Valerie Plante in Projet Montreal Leadership Race

Today I am announcing my support for Valérie Plante in the Project Montreal leadership race! Although I am not a member of her party, I have met with and had the chance to discuss many issues with Ms Plante. She is determined to take action on big projects for the metropolis such as massive investments in public transit, the construction of a new metro line and more than 500 km of new bicycle paths in […]

Alex Tyrrell Protests Kinder Morgan Approval at Trudeau’s MP Office, Says PM Has Lost All Credibility on Environment

The Trudeau government has just lost all credibility on the environment by supporting the #TransMountain pipeline, the tar sands and the Harper government’s extractivist policies. Fighting climate change is incompatible with continued tar sands extraction. I will be outside Justin Trudeau’s Montréal office bright and early Wednesday morning to protest the Liberal government’s endorsement of the Kinder Morgan #TransMountain pipeline project! Although Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has approved this project, the people have NOT and Justin […]

Alex Tyrrell, Naomi Klein, Chomsky, Ellen Gabriel Call on Green Party to Support BDS

The following open letter was sent to the Green Party of Canada today, urging the party to maintain its support for the limited form of BDS which was adopted at a convention this summer. Greens will revisit that motion at a special general meeting in Calgary next weekend, following opposition to the party’s position from leader Elizabeth May. Signed by Naomi Klein, Noam Chomsky, Bruce Cockburn and over 70 other prominent activists, academics, artists and intellectuals, […]

Alex Tyrrell, Green Candidates Campaign in 4 Upcoming By-Elections

Visit to the Gaudreau recycling center in Victoriaville this morning for the Arthabaska by-election. This plant differs from the others in that they accept and process #6 and #7 plastics and promote the local resale of recycled materials in order to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. Thank you to Operations Director Nicolas Gaudreau for this fascinating tour! Visite au centre de recyclage Gaudreau environment à Victoriaville ce matin dans le cadre de l'élection partielle d'…Posted […]

Alex Tyrrell Speaks At Canadian Muslim Form Banquet

Alex Tyrrell speaks at the annual Canadian Muslim Forum banquet. He comments on Islamophobia, the Canada writes anti Islamophobia petition to the House of Commons and more.

Alex Tyrrell Comments on 2016 Trump Election: Bernie Would Have Won

While the progressive community struggles to come to terms with the results of the US election, it is important to keep in mind what got us into this mess in the first place; the moderates. In the primary campaign, Bernie Sanders laid out a progressive platform that called for substantial change. This platform had the support of the majority of Americans and the pools clearly indicated that he was better placed than Hillary to win […]

PCB Spill: Alex Tyrrell Asks Why Pointe-Claire Hired Legal Firm To Oppose Access To Information Request

At this evening’s council meeting, Alex Tyrrell asked mayor Morris Trudeau why the city has hired a law firm to oppose a key access to information request made by this group. The access to information request in question covers all correspondance between City of Pointe-Claire officials and the provincial government with respect to the PCB spill at 86 Hymus. This request was submitted last April. The legal firm’s first move was to push back the hearing […]

Green Party of Quebec Announces Formal Support For BDS

As part of the great debate currently taking place in Canada’s Green movement on the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel’s occupation, denouncing the  illegal treatment of the Palestinian People, the Provincial Council of the Green Party of Québec formally expresses its support for the BDS movement. This international campaign has called for various economic, academic, cultural and political pressures on Israel in order to achieve the following objectives: full equality for the Israeli-Palestinians; […]

Alex Tyrrell Protests Rape Culture, Denounces Toxic Masculinity in Political Establishment

As many of you know, last week the Québec political scene was turned upside down by revelations that a Liberal member of the National Assembly, Gerry Sklavounos, has been accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. Although the accusations have yet to be proven in court, this case, is a clear demonstration of the toxic culture that unfortunately still exists within the big three Québec political parties and within many of our government institutions. As […]

Alex Tyrrell Denounces Bill That Would Allow Fossil Fuel Companies To Expropriate Land

Excellent evening of information on the Quebec Hydrocarbon Bill in Sorel-Tracy tonight! Bill 106 presented to the National Assembly would, if passed, allow oil companies to expropriate property owners, do hydraulic fracturing in urban and agricultural areas, enter on land without authorization, ignore municipal objections, etc. By introducing this bill, the Couillard government is laying the groundwork for a new conflict, the second shale gas battle. In solidarity with elected municipal officials, citizens and activists […]

Alex Tyrrell Publishes Eulogy For Environmental Leader Jean Léger

Last night, we learned of the death of a major figure in the Quebec environmental movement, Mr. Jean Léger. Jean was devoted to the protection of the environment, and was an active campaigner for the rights of First Nations and the Palestinian people. He was a source of inspiration for many environmentalists and for myself. The level of sincerity with which Jean tackled the problems of modern society was accompanied by a determination and generosity […]

Alex Tyrrell Supports Muskrat Falls Hydro Dam Protests in Newfoundland and Labrador

PHOTO : CBC/KATIE BREEN It is time for all Canadians to take a clear stand against environmental racism and to ensure that indigenous populations are not submitted to mercury poisoning. We are all responsible for the arrests, injunction and police brutality being unleashed against the peaceful land protectors who are on site. In solidarity, Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Québec It is time for all Canadians to take a clear stand against environmental racism […]

Alex Tyrrell Rejects Electoral Pact With PQ, Calls On Lisée To Endorse Greens Instead

Since Jean-François Lisée declared that he was ready to form an electoral alliance with the Green Party of Quebec, several people have asked me to comment on his positions on Quebec’s ecological issues. While it is a good thing that he is now speaking out against hydraulic fracturing on Anticosti Island, we have serious doubts about his ability to defend such positions on the day the Parti Québécois forms a government. When the PQ forms […]

Alex Tyrrell Calls For More Doctors, Rural Health Services

Last stop on my tour of Abitibi-Témiscamingue and the Laurentians; a stop at the Residences Stephen Jake Beaven in Montcalm Quebec where a coalition of local residents built and paid for a fully functional medical clinic only to be told, after the construction was complete, that the provincial government would not be sending them a doctor. The regions of Quebec are in desperate need of accessible healthcare, family doctors and preventative care. Instead of investing […]

Alex Tyrrell Visits Canadian Malartic Open Pit Gold Mine, Supports Residents

Visit to the Canadian Malartic gold mine in Québec’s Abitibi East region where local residents are in court to have their health and rights respected. This open pit mine, one of the biggest in the country, has generated billions of dollars of profits for the private sector but has never paid a cent of income tax. They are also known for hundreds of infractions to environmental regulations. Canadian Malartic is now proposing to double the […]

Alex Tyrrell Meets With Anishinaabe Activist Shannon Chief

Excellent meeting with Shannon Chief from the Anishinaabe Nation! Shannon is deeply involved with the struggle to preserve her nation’s traditional way of life. She believes that the best way to protect the land is through teaching about language, culture and environmental stewardship. It was a great to get the perspective of an Anishinaabe woman who is so deeply involved in her community. Alex Tyrrell Leader of the Green Party of Québec Excellent meeting with […]