Support Alex Tyrrell’s Campaign For a New Mandate As Leader of the Green Party of Quebec

Alex Tyrrell is currently running for a new mandate as leader of the Green Party of Quebec. In order to continue his work as leader of the party, Alex Tyrrell is calling on people who share his vision for a progressive and inclusive Quebec to join the Green Party of Quebec in order to vote yes to a vote of confidence on his leadership scheduled for December 2020.

Under Alex Tyrrell’s leadership the Green Party of Quebec has established itself as a strong and credible force in Quebec politics. Since his election as leader in 2013, when he was just 25 years old, the party has adopted an ecosocialist platform, and has increased diversity by advocating for an inclusive Quebec. In the 2018 election Alex recruited and presented 97 candidates for public office. This team was made up of 58% women and included significant youth representation with an average age of 34 years old. He is now ready to present a full slate of 125 candidates in the 2022 provincial campaign but in order to continue his work he needs your support.

Anyone who becomes a member before November 13 2020 will be able to take part in an online vote scheduled for December 6 to 13 2020 in which members will be asked to vote as too if they have confidence in Alex Tyrrell’s leadership.

Regardless of which party you have voted for in the past, Quebec needs a strong. progressive and inclusive Green Party. Alex Tyrrell has proven, over 7 years of leadership that he has what it takes to stand up to racism, environmental destruction and discrimination while advocating for an inclusive Quebec and encouraging people from all backgrounds to run for political office in Quebec. His progressive voice is essential in Quebec politics, but should not be taken for granted. Sign up now and vote yes to keep Alex Tyrrell’s progressive voice in Quebec politics.